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instead of €51.9 38.68/month

Stable internet for your business

Fast connection, no interruptions

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Exclusive for you Internet Maxi at instead of €51.9 38.68/month during 12 months

Internet Maxi gives you peace of mind:

instead of €51.9 38.68 /month
during 12 months
Installation fee: €48.76

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As of 01/01/2024, the price of the product Internet Maxi will change: + €1,65/month. Learn more about our new tariff conditions.

All prices are VAT exclusive.

Second residence

Want to surf and watch TV at your second residence?


Get your business ready for the future with fiber!

Exclusive benefits in a pack

Combine your Internet with a landline, mobile or TV, depending on what your business needs. Enjoy right away:

  • free installation
  • and our personalized customer service

Why does Internet Maxi fit your business?

  1. Continuously online

    A reliable, stable Internet connection is an absolute must for your business. So we take care of that, including your Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi Hotspots.

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  2. Unlimited volume

    Everything you need for your business. Each month you can surf, download, upload, make calls to your customers, send files,… without worry.

  3. Work without worry

    You encounter a problem? Call 0800 55 500, the 24/7 support for your business. The same day we'll fix your Internet, landline or TV.

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Bizz Internet Guarantee

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How will my Internet connection be set up?

Frequently asked questions

Combine you Internet Subscription in a Pack Business Flex and benefit from even more advantages. Your current subscriptions will be updated automatically when you have ordered your new Pack.

Then opt for a Pack Business Flex . By combining your mobile subscription and/or landline with an Internet subscription you will benefit from extra advantages at a very sharp price. Your current subscriptions will be updated automatically when you have ordered your new Pack.

Our 'intelligent Wi-Fi' is coming your way. No interruptions, optimal connection at any time and a 24/7 monitoring.

More about intelligent Wi-Fi

If you experience poor coverage or slow Wi-Fi, you can improve the quality of your network! Some easy tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi at home.

Don't have an Internet connection anymore? Read on and follow our tips. They will enable you to resolve most problems.

Web promo:

  • From 03/07/2023 to 31/12/2023 included, for all new Internet subscribers who take out an Internet Maxi subscription.
  • Monthly discount of €13.22/month for the first 12 months. Thereafter, you pay the normal price.
  • Not compatible with other promotions, except for the joint offer of a smartphone with a mobile subscription and the DataPhone option.
  • Proximus reserves the right to extend or stop this offer earlier.

Which internet subscription for you?

You want to choose an internet subscription for your business? Discover Internet Maxi by Proximus: Internet Maxi is the ideal internet subscription for your business. You have an unlimited monthly volume, a download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 30 Mbps. You also have the "Domain names" option that will allow you to showcase your business and increase its online visibility.

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