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More advantages with your landline in a Pack


As from 19.12 /month

Choose the ideal landline for your business

Bizz Call Connect

Manage all your business calls in the Cloud

20 /month for 2 users
(in a Bizz All-in)

Bizz Call Connect is a flexible and advantageous solution in the cloud to manage all the calls of your clients in a professional manner on any type of device (fixed line and smartphone).
  • Unlimited calls 24/7 to all fixed lines in Belgium
  • 1000 minutes to all mobile numbers in Belgium (24/7)
  • A professional welcome for your customers during and after business hours
  • You pay a fixed amount every month per user
  • Reachable via 1 number on your fixed line, smartphone or voicemail
Multi Line

The professional IP phone line for small enterprises connected to your phone exchange.

20 /month for 2 users
(in a Bizz All-in)

Multiline is a flexible access and fixed IP voice traffic solution for all your communications passing through your telephone exchange.
  • Compatible with Pack Bizz All-in and Bizz Office and all the Pack advantages
  • Pay a fixed amount per month and per user (€20 for the two first, and €24 per user after that) and you can change the number of users whenever you want
  • Compatible with all existing telephone exchanges (IP and non-IP)
  • Unlimited calls in Belgium to fixed lines in Belgium and 1000 minutes to mobile numbers (24/7) per user
  • 1000 minutes to mobile and fixed numbers in Europe, Canada and the United States and to all fixed lines in Morocco and Turkey per user (24/7)
  • Fixed-line smart services are included: voicemail, calling number identification, call barring, etc.
Phone Line

The simple and high quality phone line, ideal for independents!

19.12 /month

Choose your tariff plan…

And call unlimited to all fixed lines and benefit from a big chunk of national and/or international calling minutes. You pay a fixed amount per month, so no unpleasant surprises on your bill.

Unlimited Calls National

  • Included in Bizz All-in and Bizz Office
  • Unlimited calls to all fixed lines in Belgium
  • 1000 minutes to all mobile numbers in Belgium (24/7)

12 /month (excl. VAT)

Unlimited Calls National/International

  • Even cheaper in a Bizz All-in and Bizz Office
  • Unlimited calls to all fixed lines in Belgium
  • 1000 minutes to all mobile numbers in Belgium (24/7)
  • 1000 minutes to all fix and mobile numbers in Europe2, Canada and the USA en to all fix numbers in Morocco and Turkey.

15 /month (excl. VAT)

Unlimited Calls National/International is even cheaper in a Pack:

10/month in the new Packs Bizz All-in and included for free in the Packs with Bizz Call Connect and Bizz Mobile 12 GB.

As from 01/01/2020, the price of the product Phone Line will change: + €0,41/month1.

All prices are VAT exclusive

Ready for the communication of the future?

You want to migrate your existing ISDN line to the newest technology? Discover Call Connect and Multiline and contact us. We will be at your side to guide you during the migration!

Even more advantageous in a Pack!

Choose for a Pack Bizz All-in and call unlimited to all mobile and fixed numbers in Belgium.


Phone Line over IP

Your caller never sounded so clear

Excellent digital sound quality

Phone Line over IP technology is now included as standard in all new Bizz All-in or Bizz Office packs. In practice, this mean that everyone who opts for a new Bizz All-in or Bizz Office can make calls on a HD phone with excellent digital sound quality.

Compose your Bizz All-in

You already have a pack with Phone Line and you also want to benefit from this excellent sound quaility? Then call our customer service on 0800 55 500 or visit a Proximus Center to switch of charge to Phone Line over IP.

Listen and experience the difference yourself

How does it work?

Your calls go through your modem instead of the traditional voice channel. Since voices are first digitized by the HD phone, they’re transmitted almost undistorted. So, ideally, all callers should have a HD phone to get the most out of the quality.

Do call rates remain the same?

Calls in digital quality don't cost more than normal calls. The standard Phone Line rates remain applicable. And the HD phone itself is not expensive: you can get one for just €49.58 (VAT excl.).

Do you already have a pack with Phone Line

Do you want to benefit from this excellent sound quality on your fixed phone? Then call our customer service on 0800 55 800 or visit a Proximus Center to switch free of charge to Phone Line over IP. A Proximus technician will come by to install this technology (and, if necessary, a more recent modem) free of charge. Your can still use your current phone but to make calls in HD you will, of course, need a HD phone.

Does my communications over IP technology have an impact on my internet volume?

No. A call with IP technology has no impact on the internet volume.

I have an alarm, fax or other analog device. Is it compatible with Phone Line over IP?

If you don't have a telephone exchange, these devices can be directly connected to the "b-box 3V+" modem (2 ports possible).

For an alarm that uses the landline as a communication channel, we recommend you equip the line with a UPS battery (battery backup b-box 3V+) to prevent power cuts.

Old analog phones don't need any power. Does this also apply to devices with Phone Line over IP? What if there’s an electricity cut?

Phone Line over IP phones have to be connected to the electricity grid. To guarantee the functioning of devices for which continuity of voice and data connection is crucial (alarms, surveillance lines, etc.), we recommend you equip your modem with a battery (battery backup b-box 3V+). This battery ensures Phone Line over IP continues to work by providing one hour of electricity on a "b-box 3V+" modem and an optical-fiber modem (OLT: Optical Line Termination). To guarantee the functioning of your telephone exchange, we also recommend you opt for a UPS battery (Uninterruptable Power Supply).

What if IP is not available in my region? What are the alternatives?

In the rare cases where there no DSL access or optical fiber is available (less than 5% of Belgian territory), Proximus will continue to provide a traditional PSTN telephone service in the years to come.

Recommended options

Paying options

Optimize your landline to it’s full potential with our paying services.


Free options

Discover a wide range of free services included in your subscription


All prices are VAT exclusive

Offer without fixed-term contract. Customers can cease having the product at any moment and without any penalty fees, provided they give 1 month notification.

Conditions Professional line (ISDN)

Conditions Bizz IP Telephony Multi

Conditions Phone Line over IP

Phone line installation charge

Installation lead time

Besides a junction box and a terminal (telephone, fax, etc.), the installation only requires a connection to the Proximus network.
However, you do need the following Proximus infrastructure:

  • a lead-in cable that enters your building from the public domain
  • a connection point that terminates the Proximus infrastructure inside your building

If you do not have the appropriate infrastructure, please call our Customer Service in order to take the preliminary steps.

Your appointment will be confirmed by SMS and by telephone

We work hard to continuously improve our service. To make sure that our appointments for installations and repairs can proceed smoothly, all appointments are confirmed by SMS. Moreover, our technician will call you about 30 minutes before arriving at your premises.

The installation charges of €114.05 include:

  • Activation charge: €48.76
  • Fixed call-out charge: €40.50
  • Installation of junction box: €24.79

Why keep a fixed line for your business?

Telephony and a fixed line are still very much alive and well in professional circles, and this for many reasons:

  • Reliable equipment
  • Hearing quality and comfort
  • The fixed line proves that your company has established premises
  • The fixed line gets you mentioned in the telephone directories

As from 01/01/2020, the prices of several of our products will increase. The complete overview of impacted products can be found here.


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