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Bizz Online

To put a website online, you need three essential tools which are included in all the Bizz Online offers (S,M,L): a DNS (Domain Name of your website), a hosting arrangement (web space) and the content of your website.

Yes with the Bizz Online Webshop solution, compatible with a Bizz Online M or L website. We know that setting up an online store generates uncertainties and questions, we support you in this process from its implementation to daily monitoring. Thanks to this complementary solution, we help you to highlight each of your products, we explain how to update your product/price sheets, we provide advice in the choice of payment and delivery methods and we assist you if you encounter the slightest technical problem.

Clearly it's a golden opportunity to keep your business running despite the crisis and also an opportunity for your customers to continue to buy your products or services while staying at home.

No, you will have to translate the texts for your website yourself. Translation is nevertheless possible but not included. Here are the available languages: French, Dutch, English, German.

Yes, you decide the default language of your website.

However, with a Bizz Online S site, your website can only be unilingual. It can be multilingual starting from a Bizz Online M site. You decide the default language of your website.

If you require a default language other than French or Dutch, we recommend that you provide us with content in at least one of these languages (French or Dutch) to ensure we properly understand your content.

Yes with Bizz Online L, you will receive 1 hour of coaching and guided explanations that will allow you to easily make a change yourself, such as changing text, images, etc. Of course, these changes can be made by your digital consultant as they are included in all the Bizz Online offers.

Yes, this is possible in all Bizz Online packages. You simply need to request this.

You can change the package, upgrade and downgrade at any time.  You will not pay for terminating the old solution, but only for the start-up costs of the new website.  A new 24-month term starts as soon as your new website is online. For all prices, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.

Certainly! Starting from the Bizz Online M package.


We prepare your Google MyBusiness listing from the information collected about your business (address, opening hours, etc.) and we send you a link. You must then click on that link to validate the listing. If you already have a Google account, this validation can be done immediately by verification code sent by text message or by phone or within 15 days by post. If you don't have a Google account yet, you'll need to create one, which only takes a few minutes. If you wish to make changes to this listing later (a change to the opening hours for example), your expert can help you or show you how to do it.

We can never offer guarantees as to the place of your website on google pages. Indeed, this depends on natural and/or paid referencing.

However, we do guarantee that the site will be optimized in that regard.

This means that we add all the technical parameters (METATAGS, ALT description, etc.), create your Google MyBusiness listing that appears to the right of the results of each search, register your presence on the 1207/1307 online directory and target the right keywords in the most optimal way possible.  In this way, we make sure that your Google score is as high as possible. Moreover, your position in the Google search engine also depends on the number of visits to your site. We can boost the visibility of your Bizz Online site with, among other things, digital referencing campaigns via the Bizz Online Marketing option. If you still have questions about the visibility of your website on Google, talk to your digital consultant.

Paid referencing

Increased visibility

Paid referencing or Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a Google tool that consists of creating advertisements or sponsored links to appear in the first Google search results based on keyword searches.

Paid referencing allows you to reach the right audience, at the right time and with the right keywords to attract potential customers. You should know that we can boost the visibility of your Bizz Online site with, among other things, digital referencing campaigns via the Bizz Online Marketing option. If you still have questions about the visibility of your website on Google, talk to your digital consultant.

The Google Ads advertising platform operates according to a keyword bidding system. This system encourages advertisers to increase their bids to appear among the first search results thanks to the keywords chosen for their campaigns. The Google Ads platform allows you to identify the keywords searched for by your customers and prospects on Google and to buy them to be visible in the most frequent searches of your customers.

Domain name

Yes, a domain name is recommended to handle the technical interface of the website creation and all potential modifications related to this domain name.

You may have already created one with another provider, but you should know that a domain name is included directly in our Bizz Online packages for extensions (such as .be; .com; .net; .eu; .org) and it makes it easier for us to intervene in the event of a technical problem.

However, if your domain name is with another provider, we can help you point your domain name to the Bizz Online site you have chosen. In any case, we also take care of the transfer of domain names from another Internet Service Provider (ISP) if necessary.

If your domain name is transferred from another ISP to Proximus, your old website will disappear automatically. You may have to cancel the contract you have with the other company for hosting your website.


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