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Bizz Online

As of 15/month

Choose your solution to create your website

Included in all Bizz Online solutions:

  • High-performing and responsive website adapted for smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Dedicated digital advisor to answer all your questions, available on working days (from 8am to 6pm)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Copywriting of your texts

All prices are VAT exclusive.

Starter promo

Did you start your business less than 6 months ago? Get your website and online visibility for free for one year if you order your pack with Bizz Online.

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Choose your solution

Choose and order the Bizz Online package that fits your needs: from €15/month (excluding activation fees)

Need advice?

Your Bizz Expert will call you

Contact with your digital advisor

You’ve chosen your Bizz Online!
You will receive a confirmation email and your digital advisor will contact you within 2 business hours.
During this first telephone interview, your digital advisor audits your activity to define your digital strategy together.

Structure and content of your site

With the help of your advisor, you will gather all the necessary content to create your site: texts, logos, photos and videos.
You already have content on your current site? No problem, we will recover it!
You don’t have any content yet? We will help you to write professional, dynamic and commercial content to describe your business, services or products.

Development & support

The development of your website takes into account the visual identity and content of your company. Once the development is finished, you’ll receive a test version of your website. Do you want some changes? No problem, discuss it with your dedicated advisor who will adapt it to your expectations!

Publication & maintenance

This is it, your website is ready to be published!
After the launch, your advisor stays at your side. He will contact you every month by phone and he will continue to accompany you during follow-up interviews.

6 reasons why to choose Bizz Online

  • Possibility to sell your products and services through your online shop. Discover Bizz Online Webshop
  • A Belgian team with digital advisors on a personal level, thanks to your dedicated advisor (available on working days, from 8 am to 6 pm)
  • Personal advice to help you with your natural SEO referencing Watch video
  • Target your customers with your ads and advertising campaigns (Google Ads) Watch video
  • A powerful, professional website adapted to computers, smartphones and tablets Read articleNew window
  • A variety of templates available, developed by your digital expert

1000 professionals have already chosen Bizz Online

Any more questions?

I already have a website. What will happen to it?

It will remain online until you instruct us to publish the Bizz Online solution.

How do I choose my Bizz Online solution (S, M or L)?
  • Bizz Online S: I want the business card of my company to be visible (name, business activity, opening hours, location and map, contact details)
  • Bizz Online M: I want to be able to give more information and provide details about my business on several pages. Moreover, I want a bilingual website
  • Bizz Online L:
    • I want to be able to change the structure and all content of my website myself
    • I want to insert a blog or information on a regular basis (e.g., events)
    • This website is completely personalizable with the help of my digital expert
I already have a domain name; will I have to change it?

No, it will be transferred and will be used by Bizz Online. All the services linked to this domain name will remain active until the transfer. Our digital expert will help you find the transfer code at the appropriate time.

I already have a free DNS in my Bizz Pack; can I keep it?

Yes, it can be used for Bizz Online. And if your cancel the Bizz Pack, the latter will continue to be linked to your Bizz Online solution and remain free of charge (and vice versa).

I don't have yet an e-mail address linked to my domain name. How can I obtain one?

Our digital experts will create or link a mailbox to our domain name for you (e.g.

Another question? We certainly have an answer for you!

All frequently asked questions


Unless provided to the contrary, your contract is concluded for a two-year term as from the date on which your online presence service is placed on line. You can terminate your contract in writing at any time. Proximus will in that case claim an indemnity equivalent to the total of the monthly fees still due. After the two-year term, the contract will be automatically converted into an open-ended contract.

How much does it cost to create a website?

Bizz Online Monthly price Start up charge
Bizz Online L €70 €500
Bizz Online M €50 €300
Bizz Online S €15 €50

Why create an optimized site for your business with Bizz Online?

Because with Bizz Online you can be sure of a high-performance online site for your business. Our experts will turn their talents to good account to create a professional site so you can get your online activity off to a flying start and stand out from the rest of the field.

With Bizz Online your site will be:

  • Well referenced in Google search results
  • Responsive: a site adapted to smartphones and tablets
  • Rapid
  • Secured and protected against hacking and data theft
  • At an attractive price

Bizz Online Promo

For any subscriber to Bizz internet in pack (Internet + mobile, Bizz Office with or without TV, Bizz All-In) who opts for Bizz Online S: start-up costs and the first 12 monthly payments free. Valid from 01/03/2020 to 31/01/2021 inclusive for customers whose business number creation date is less than 6 months old and subscribers to Bizz Internet in pack (Internet + mobile, Bizz Office with or without TV, Bizz All-In) who opt for Bizz Online S. 24-month subscription to Bizz Online. The total value of the promotion corresponds to the one-off costs of creating the website (€50) and the first twelve months of subscription (€12*15) for Bizz Online. 

  • If the customer opts for a Bizz Online M, he receives a reduction of €50 (€300 €250) on the one-off costs and €12*15 (€50 €35) on the subscription. 
  • If the customer opts for a Bizz Online L, he receives a discount of €50 (€500 €450) on the one-time fee and €12*€15 (€70 €55) on the subscription. 

If the customer terminates his contract early, Proximus will claim compensation equivalent to the totality of the remaining monthly fees. After the first 2 years, the contract will be automatically converted into a contract for an indefinite period. 

Offer not compatible with other current offers, except for combined offers combining a smartphone and a mobile subscription with DataPhone option. 

Proximus is entitled to extend the action or terminate it earlier.

Starter promo
  • Bizz Online S
    €15 €0/month during 1 year
    €50 €0 Start-up costs free
  • Bizz Online M
    €50 €35/month during 1 year
    €300 €250 start-up costs
  • Bizz Online L
    €70 €55/mois during 1 year
    €400 €350 start-up costs

This promotion includes:

  • Monthly subscription €15 discount during 1 year
  • one-off costs of creating the website: -€50

Promo valid for new or current subscriber to Bizz internet in pack (Internet + mobile, Bizz Office with or without TV, Bizz All-In) who opts for Bizz Online.

Contact form of this type, included in the 4 pages

contact form

Contact form of this type

personalized contact form

Page compatible with all screens, including:

  • visual banner with title and "contact" tagline
  • company description: 4-5 paragraphs without photo, maximum 100 words
  • 3 short service or product descriptions, maximum 50 words
  • a map to locate the company
  • a photo gallery (maximum 12)
  • personal details (e.g. : phone number, e-mail and address)
  • footer


Our Bizz Experts are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.

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