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Our Fiber packs

For independents and small enterprises

+++( )

Bizz All-in Fiber


+ free installation (€289)

++( )

Bizz Office Fiber


+ free installation  (€289)

++( )

Internet Fiber + Mob + TV


Why choose a Proximus Fiber pack?

Bizz Services

24/7 support for your business and same day repair of your Internet, landline and TV

Maximum Internet, fixed and mobile

Get more out of your TV

Get more out of your TV

Enjoy more than 80 channels and TV bundles for everyone. Watch TV where and when you want thanks to the Proximus Pickx app and TV Replay.

Unlimited fixed and mobile calls

Professional guarantees

Our engagement for your business: 400 Bizz Experts at your service, a replacement smartphone for free and a qualitative mobile network

Let's meet and talk

Catch the Fiber truck


Our Bizz Experts are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.

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