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The mobile essentials: protect your mobile devices and call cheaper to your family. Optimize your subscriptions!

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Planning a stay abroad?

Discover your standard rates and find the option that fits your usage. Call and surf without worries and at the best price.

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All you need to surf safely and without worries


Protect all your devices against viruses and much more, with 1 Norton subscription, handy and secure.


Store your photos, videos and files online in a secure way with Cloud and share them easily.

Extra volume

Foresee Extra Volume if you’re about to exceed your monthly volume.

Smart Wi-Fi

Your smartphone switches automatically from 3G or 4G to one of our 1 million free Wi-Fi hotspots in Belgium.

Optimize your fixed line

Free services

Discover our wide range of free services. Some are already included in your subscription, others can be added free of charge.

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How to get more out of your fixed line? Check out our paying options that you can add to your subscription.

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