Proximus quality

Continue to work no matter what happens

Network quality

Ultra-powerful mobile network

An ultra-powerful mobile network guaranteed to surf faster than ever on your smartphone. Surf, stream and share whatever you want at dazzling speeds up to 225 Mbps!

Free Wi-Fi hotspots

Thanks to Smart Wi-Fi your phone switches automatically from 3G/4G to one of our 1.3 million hotspots in Belgium, without interrupting your browsing experience. It’s fast, safe, and most importantly for free!
Even abroad you surf for free thanks to 17 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

Mobile coverage extender

Proximus guarantees you the best experience to call in any room of your house or office with the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro). This solution puts an end to bad indoor coverage for newly built or remote offices, tall buildings …

Service quality

Discover the Proximus quality and continue working, no matter what happens.

Keep your business running

You need to keep your company available at all times for your customers and suppliers. This means you need reliable telecom and IT services. Proximus allows you to keep your business running, no matter what happens.

Our commitments

Our technical helpdesk is available 24/7 to offer you a fast repair while you continue working.