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All our mobile and roaming options

Get the most from your mobile

With the mobile essentials, discover all the options and services you need for your mobile subscription.

Planning a stay abroad?

Discover your standard rates and find the option that fits your usage. Call and surf without worries and at the best price.

Internet options for surfing anywhere

Mobile Internet

Enjoy mobile Internet on your tablet and laptop anytime and anywhere, thanks to our excellent 3G and 4G network.

Bizz Guest Wifi

Let customers surf on your own secure Wi-Fi hotspot and put information and promotional offers in your business in the spotlight.


Bizz Internet Guarantee

If your Internet connection goes down, Bizz Internet Guarantee will automatically switch over to a 4G mobile connection. This way you can keep working at all times!


Public Wi-Fi

Activate Public Wi-Fi and switch automatically between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, available for free.

Norton Security

Protect all your devices (PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets) thanks to Norton Security.

Extra Volume

Exceed our Internet volume? Keep surfing at your usual speed with Extra Volume.

All the options for your landline

Optimize your landline

Discover the free services and paying options

Bizz Call Connect

Manage all your business calls in the Cloud

Bizz Office Switch

Combine your personal GSM number with a landline. Take your landline everywhere!

Telephone exchanges

Professional answering of all your calls.

All your favorite TV options

Even more movies, series, sports and fun for all.


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