Internet options and services

Mobile Internet

Enjoy mobile Internet on your tablet and laptop anytime and anywhere, thanks to our excellent 3G and 4G network.

Bizz Guest Wifi

Let customers surf on your own secure Wi-Fi hotspot and put information and promotional offers in your business in the spotlight.

Norton Security

Protect all your devices (PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets) thanks to Norton Security.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Optimize the usage of mobile data and Wi-Fi with Public Wi-Fi, available for free.

Extra Volume

Exceeded your Internet volume? Keep surfing at your usual speed with Extra Volume.

Cloud & Website

Bizz Online

We create a professional website for your company and help you boost your online presence.

Domain Names

Your domain name is unique: it defines your presence on the Internet and helps to identify your business or activity.


Host your site on our web server in our datacenter and share your documents securely.