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Want to use italics, bold or strikethrough in WhatsApp?

Published on 04/01/2017 in Tips & tricks from…

Want to use italics, bold or strikethrough in WhatsApp?

Did you know that you can convey your emotions even better in WhatsApp?

The app allows you to adapt the font of your text. Did you know that you can type text in italics, strikethrough or bold?

The question is, when do you use this function? There are lots of ways to emphasize words, sentences or statements. For instance, you can add nuance to your chats using quotation marks, emoticons or capitalization. But there's also another way.

You'd think it would be easy to adapt the font with your keyboard, but you couldn't be more wrong. To adapt the font, you need to use specific codes: 

And if you want a word to be in bold, italics and also strikethrough, you can simply combine the codes.

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