Have you seen the TV spot of our strongest all-in?

by ErikBits & Bytes17/10/2016

Have you seen the TV spot of our strongest all-in?
Including the hidden message!

Just imagine: a world with everything in abundance. Loads of mobile Internet and free data for your favorite app. Plus, unlimited high-speed Internet at home and unlimited fixed and mobile calls within your family. And as icing on the cake, a TV bundle of your choice as well as Netflix for your digital TV.

Hard to believe? Well, it's for real. Today we are launching Tuttimus, the strongest all-in in Belgium. And for such a strong offer, we had to have an awesome TV spot. Have you seen it yet?

There's a hidden reference to a real Netflix hit. If you were able to find it, let me know below. You'll get a kiss from the teacher and can move to the front of the class!

If you couldn't find it because you still don't have Netflix: well, maybe it's time you got it. You currently receive 3 months of free Netflix with every Tuttimus.

So, let’s go for it and compose your Tuttimus now.

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