A strong network, also while shopping

Published on 19/03/2017 in Be the first to know

A strong network, also while shopping

When your partner is in the fitting room for the umpteenth time, you may want to have a quick nose around on Facebook.

Or maybe you yourself want to share an outfit with friends, to ask their opinion.

We make sure you can do so without any problems. Even deep inside Belgium's largest shopping centers, our network now allows you to call and share without a hitch.

We ensure there's a super strong coverage in the following shopping centers:

  • Ikea (Arlon, Anderlecht, Gent, Hasselt, Mons, Zaventem)
  • Media Markt (Bruges)
  • City 2 (Brussels)
  • Docks Bruxsel
  • Galerie Ravenstein (Brussels)
  • Galerie Saint-Lambert (Liège)
  • K Shopping (Courtrai)
  • Les Grands Prés Shopping (Mons)
  • Mediacité (Liège)
  • Shopping 1 (Genk)
  • Shopping de Bastions (Tournai)
  • Shopping Nivelles
  • Waasland Shopping Center
  • Wijnegem Shopping Center

Totally ready to call, surf and text on the network with the best coverage in Belgium? Then opt now for the Mobilus formula that fits you to a tee. We have something for everyone!


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