Why the latest Star Trek films are awesome

Published on 19/12/2016 in Showtime!

Why the latest Star Trek films are awesome

Take the latest blockbuster, Star Trek: Beyond!

Star Trek is pretty much my favorite film series ever. Who isn't a fan of the Enterprise crew, who explore the furthest reaches of space?

But even among die-hard trekkies, opinions are divided about the last three films of the Star Trek saga. You know, the ones that are set in a totally different timeline, before the original series. Some fans think they can't hold a candle to the older Star Trek films, let alone the TV series where it all started.

Personally, I love the new Star Trek films. Here are five reasons why:

  1. A fabulous cast

    OK, so I'm a fan of the original actors.  Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Kelley DeForest and Majel Barrett are class acts. But, to be fair, the new generation of actors is not at all bad. Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and the rest of the cast offer fantastic performances and are hardly watered-down versions of the original characters.

  2. Spectacular special effects

    Nobody can deny that the images of the new generation of Star Trek films are much cooler than the original. Take the scene from the Star Trek film from 2009, in which the Enterprise emerges out of hyperspace shooting with phasers. As a child, I had an idea of what that would look like. But now I saw it with my own two eyes on a big screen.

  3. A nod to the past

    What I also love, is that the films show respect for the original series and their cast. Take Leonard Nimoy, who has a great role in the Star Trek film from 2009. What's more, the details are very carefully thought through: from the design of the Enterprise to the costumes.

  4. A great new story line

    Normally, a reboot of a TV or movie series doesn't auger well. But in the case of Star Trek, things are very different. Why? Because it's a good prequel to the original series. The makers gave it a whole new timeline thanks to a creative solution involving time travel. This means we get an entirely different story, instead of more of the same.

  5. In short, Star Trek is cool again

    Star Trek used to have cult status. It was something for a small group of die-hard fans. Today, it's hip again to be a trekkie. It's not something to be ashamed of (if you ever were, of course).

    What's more, in 2017 we can look forward to a new Star Trek series on Netflix. All right!

The downside...

We still haven't seen William Shatner make an appearance, as we did Leonard Nimoy. This is really a shame because the original Captain Kirk was something else!

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