7 handy tips for your smartphone's battery

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7 handy tips for your smartphone's battery

Optimize your battery life with these simple tips.

I really can't live without my smartphone. But no matter how good it is, every smartphone has an Achilles heel: the battery. Before, I couldn't always get through the day without having to charge my phone. But all that's in the past. With these easy tips, you can save your battery life. Try them out and you'll see the difference.

  1. First, clear up your phone

    Check if you need everything that's on your smartphone, and throw away any apps you no longer use. Then, go through the app settings. Limit automatic updates and turn off options such as location services via GPS. These things really eat away at your battery life.

  2. Adapt your screen

    Your screen is a serious battery drainer. But you can do something about that. Always set the screen brightness to the lowest level, instead of using auto-brightness. You can also make your screen turn off more quickly. For me, 1 second is a bit too fast because it makes typing a message very difficult. But a screen timeout of about 10 seconds is fine.

  3. Avoid vibrate

    I know, you don't want to bother other people with your ringtone. But vibrate consumes much more power than playing a ringtone. A good alternative is to switch off both the ringtone and vibrate, and just keep your phone in view. See if this works for you.

  4. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Bluetooth can be handy, but if you're not in your car, or not using a wireless headset, you don't really need it. The same with Wi-Fi: when you're out and about, outside the range of your home of office network, it uses up power unnecessarily. These things are constantly looking for signals, so turn them off when you don't need them. All that searching is a big battery guzzler.

  5. Limit notifications

    An obvious one. Of course, I like to know when I've missed a call or receive a Messenger text from my wife. But being notified that someone has invited me to Candy Crush, or that people are tweeting about some topic or other? I can do without that. So turn off the notifications you always swipe away anyway.

  6. Keep it cool

    A good tip, especially in the summer, but also when you're outdoors: keep your smartphone as cool as possible. I’m not saying you should dump it in cold water or put it in the freezer. But just take it out of your pocket, for example, and put it on the table. Or make sure you don’t leave it in a hot car. And when you're driving, don't put it next to the heater or on the dashboard.

  7. Charge in Airplane mode

    Another handy did-you-know: charging goes faster when your smartphone is in Airplane mode. Useful to know, if you don't have much time to charge your phone.

    In iOS, you will find Airplane mode in the control panel, which you see by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. In Android, it's in the shortcuts, which you see by swiping down from the top.

Of course, you shouldn't expect any miracles. But with these tips you'll be able to get through the day more easily – even if you're a heavy user.

Should you still encounter problems regularly, you can always opt for an extra external battery. Check out the power banks in our web shop.


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