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Tested: the new Samsung Galaxy S7

Published on 25/05/2016 in Bits & Bytes

Tested: the new Samsung Galaxy S7

We put the device to the test!

© Samsung

We know Samsung makes more than decent smartphones. The latest addition to the family was therefore announced to great fanfare: the Galaxy S7. And a range of features we really missed with the S6 are back on the scene. As the Koreans' flagship, it should also be the best in class in just about everything. Think, for example, of an excellent camera and great battery life. But is that actually the case? We put the device to the test.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Do you only want the best? Then this Samsung is definitely for you!


  • Handsome design
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent camera, certainly for photos in low light
  • Not cheap

The results: simply brilliant at pretty much everything


Just like the Galaxy S6, the S7 has a metal frame, combined with the latest-generation Gorilla Glass. This combination means the phone can take a beating.

What we also really like is that the device sits more comfortably in the hand than the Galaxy S6. The S7 has rounded corners and is that tiny bit thicker. This last aspect is not a disadvantage. It makes the phone less fragile.

Also interesting to know is that the S7 is completely water- and dust-proof. Something we missed in the previous version.


The Galaxy S7's screen is 5.1 inches in size. More than enough for most smartphone users. With quad-HD resolution, the image is also crystal-clear: you cannot distinguish the individual pixels. But what particularly appeals to us is the colour reproduction. Thanks to OLED technology, the colours jump off the screen. Sometimes overly bright, but you can easily adjust that to your taste.

A nice little extra is the ‘Always On’ function. This always displays the time and possibly other functions, even if your phone is off. Without draining the battery.


The S7 no longer has the 16-megapixel camera from the Galaxy S6, but just 12 MP. This may seem strange, but it doesn't tell the whole story. The device has in fact made great strides with the camera sensor and the software.

What we find striking are the outstanding details in photos in good light. But what is most surprising is the photos in low light. You don't notice any visual noise at all on the picture. A problem you find with many other smartphone cameras.


One of the biggest advances in the S7 is its battery. The capacity has been increased by 50%. Even with heavy use, you'll now easily get through the day. Leaving Bluetooth and GPS on did not pose a problem, nor did constantly checking social media.

What's also nice is the fact that you can charge the phone quickly and wirelessly. So if you were to run out of juice, you're up and running again in no time.

Multimedia and games

In terms of processor, the S7 is quite a bit faster than the S6. What does that mean in real life? Easily running several applications at the same time, but also playing demanding games or watching HD films without any problem. It's very difficult to digest the Galaxy S7.

The highlights

A number of nice features stood out for us. Here is a summary:

Fingerprint scanner

© Onecom

Always nice to have a bit more protection for your precious phone.

Water- and dust-proof

© Samsung

Calling your sweetheart in the pouring rain? Not a problem!

Wireless charging*

© Samsung

No more nonsense with cables. And what's more, in no time you've got a full battery again.

*Compatible. Wireless charging station not included.

MicroSD card reader

© PCMag

Back again, and we're glad! Compatible with cards up to 200 GB.

Always On function

© Jimmy is Promo

Always displays certain functions, such as the time. Even when the S7 is switched off. Without draining the battery.

Compatible with virtual reality

© Samsung

An unbelievable experience, watching clips or playing games with VR glasses like these. They don't come included, but can be purchased for just €99 in our shop.

In short...

Last year Samsung broke new ground with the Galaxy S6. But it's the newest member of the family, the new Galaxy S7, with which the Koreans have really shown what they can do: a more than premium smartphone, which not only has a fantastic camera and battery, but is also extremely functional. And just great to look at.

Yes, we're quite excited! OK, it's not cheap. But if you can afford it, we have to say you're getting value for your money.

What do our customers say?

But hey, it's at least as interesting to hear what you have to say about the Galaxy S7. Read here what our customers think.


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