A smartphone with killer curves

Published on 08/05/2015 in Bits & Bytes

A smartphone with killer curves

Since the launch of the first iPhone, all smartphones look more or less the same: a rectangle with a glass front and a couple of buttons under the display. We’ve seen experiments with color, size and material, but nothing really groundbreaking.

This uniform design is starting to get a bit boring. Anyone who’s seen the futuristic videos of Microsoft or Corning Glass of recent years, knows where we should be heading: screens without edges! Each time a new smartphone is introduced I hold my breath, hoping to see a device that brings me closer to a Star Trek vision of the future – with infinity screens. But it's always just more of the same.

Last year, a phone finally came on the market which had the right idea: the Sharp Aquos Chrystal. The screen of this phone looks extremely cool because it extends all the way to the edges on three sides. Unfortunately, the performance is average, since Sharp is not a big enough player to pull off something as innovative as this.  So in the end, it was just a ripple in the ocean.

After the launch of the Sharp, I was convinced the big players would catch on to this "edgeless design". But the iPhone 6 didn't get my memo, and neither did the new HTC flagships. I had almost given up hope, when rumors started circulating about the Samsung S6 Edge…

With the launch of the S6 Edge, my dreams finally became a reality: a smartphone that brings edgeless design to the masses. And it goes even further: the edges are curved, which makes it look even more futuristic. It's a stunning phone and I'm sure it will start a revolution. In five years, everyone will be saying "the edgeless design revolution began with the S6". So grab your chance to get this now legendary model for a great price!

Below, a video of the S6 launch in Barcelona. After the presentation, our colleague rushed to get hold of a phone so he could film the screen!


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