Recycle your old mobile phones and their valuable raw materials

Published on 25/10/2019 in Service

Recycle your old mobile phones and their valuable raw materials

Smartphones: nowadays it's hard to imagine doing without them in your daily life. But their manufacture has very damaging consequences. And it does mean that more and more phones need to be made, whereas the materials and precious metals needed for this are becoming increasingly scarce like silver, gold, cobalt and tantalum (coltan), to name a few. And unfortunately, their extraction is very polluting!

In addition to the ecological aspect, there's also an important human aspect to it. Indeed, the raw materials come from mines in the Congo, amongst others. Unfortunately, exploitation, corruption and war are still par for the course there.

Despite the fact that such massive exploitation is not actually necessary. Indeed, did you know that only 5% of all old mobile phones are recycled? This means that in Belgium's case for example, there are more than 3 million old mobile phones lying around in drawers. Whereas those materials could simply be reused.
To give you an idea of the proportions: recycling these phones would deliver 30 tons of copper alone.

The solution? It's actually quite simple.

Something that demands little effort on your part, yet does a whole lot for the environment. Simply hand in your old mobiles at a Proximus Shop near you. Depending on the condition of your device, we reuse or recycle it. All this in collaboration with Brainscape and Umicore.

It's a great gesture for our planet, but that's not all! You'll receive a voucher from us with the value of your old mobile. It’s ideal towards the purchase of a new smartphone. Or a nice accessory such as a cover, Bluetooth speaker or you can top-up your prepaid card.

Check below how much your mobile is worth


However, please note that the value proposed online for your old mobile is for information only. Indeed, the final voucher value of your mobile is determined in the Proximus Shop, by one of our staff (depending on the value of the day and its condition).

Give your old mobile a new lease of life, in just three steps

  1. To begin with, take a quick look above to see how much you'll get for your phone. Here, we consider aspects such as the model and the condition of the mobile.
  2. Next, save all data, such as photos and videos. Only then you can remove all files from your old mobile. Find all info in our help center. Select your type of smartphone, then choose « Reboot, Backup and Reset » under « Solve a problem ».
  3. Drop into a Proximus Shop near you with your mobile. Here, we'll give you a voucher with the value of your old mobile.

Find your Proximus Shop

Another advantage: this smartphone trade-in is valid for everyone! You don’t have to be a Proximus customer and it is also without obligation to purchase. So it's up to you; we're waiting for you in our Proximus Shops!


A voucher of at least €5 for every smartphone returned to a Proximus Shop, not redeemable for cash. The trade-in value is indicated on this page and subject to conditions. A maximum of 5 vouchers per customer. Offer valid until 02/02/2020.


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