Three great new features in Proximus TV

by ErikBits & Bytes20/06/2017

Three great new features in Proximus TV


Every day we ensure you enjoy the best digital television.

That's why we've provided some additional stability so you never have to worry. Especially when it's about the recordings of your favourite series.

But that's not all, because a couple of other things have changed too.

What other new things are there in your Proximus TV?
  1. Binge watching is now even easier

    Because now you no longer need to manually set up each episode of a series. The next episode now starts automatically. This way you remain immersed in the story!

    The episodes are now also listed neatly and chronologically in your library. So the first episodes are at the top of the list while the season finale is at the bottom.

    And what if you decide to crawl into bed half-way through after all? In that case we remember where you were, so that next time you automatically start where you left off. 

  2. A real cinema feel in the on-demand catalog

    Because we've also given the entire catalog a thorough makeover. It now looks nice and modern, including splendid atmospheric images with each movie.

    What's more, choosing your movie is now even more enjoyable. You see, the search function appears on the left on your screen. Quick and simple!

    And with features such as an even more detailed summary, and an indication of the genre and length of the film, you'll truly find what you're looking for.

    Especially thanks to the suggestions of similar movies we give you, based on the film you've chosen.

  3. Faster access to your chosen Pass

    Do you have a Pass? Such as a Movies & Series Pass? Or do you kids enjoy Wanagogo?

    Well, now you can open your Pass more easily. Get direct access to the entire catalog by simply pressing the menu button on your remote control. Next, select "My library" and you're all set!

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