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The Play&Gold pirates are gently preparing for their last trip, as on 01/07/22 they will be handing over the torch to Enjoy!.

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Winning has never been so easy!

This is how you do it:

  • Top up for at least €15
  • You'll receive a secret code via a free text message
  • Click the "Play now" button
  • Use your code
  • Dig and find gold coins
  • Launch the pirates and receive extra gold coins or a ticket for the final
  • Choose a gift by redeeming your gold coins

There are fantastic prizes: trips, travel vouchers, mobiles, free texts, and calling minutes. So it’s worth playing! The more often you top up, the more chance you have of winning the super treasure!

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Extra tips

If you top up online via your mobile phone, the Internet or a bank machine, you can dig five times instead of four. If you top up for €25 or above, we will double the gold coins you find. Go for it!

Top up online

Play smart to get the most out of your code. Go for turtles and distance! Aim for the turtles: if you hit a green turtle, you get two gold coins; for a red turtle, 10 gold coins. If you throw 1300 meters or further, 500 gold coins will be yours...

Enjoy, and good luck!


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