Everything to keep your smartphone in top condition

Published on 23/05/2019 in Smartphones

Everything to keep your smartphone in top condition

Always close to family and friends, even if your mobile breaks down. Everything is provided for: a replacement smartphone, a scratch-resistant protective layer, solid defense against viruses, and a smartphone configuration.

Broken, lost or stolen mobile?

Annoying, but no cause for alarm. Your free replacement smartphone is ready and waiting, available for a whole month. You'll be reachable again super quick.
And you can have your current phone repaired or choose a new one.

The advantages of a replacement smartphone:

  1. Completely free of charge
  2. Pick up your replacement smartphone from a Proximus Shop near you
  3. Receive another phone immediately, so you’re instantly accessible
  4. Keep it for one month, plenty of time for a repair or new device
  5. Your privacy is guaranteed by a reset of the device after use

One more tip: in case of theft, be sure to block your SIM card.

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Conditions for a replacement smartphone

A replacement device is provided in the event of loss or theft, or if the original device is faulty. Valid for private customers, freelancers and SMEs who have had a GSM subscription for at least three months and have paid at least one bill. Signing up to this programme requires the account manager’s agreement.

Subject to available stocks of replacement devices. The replacement device may not necessarily be the same as the original. It remains the property of Proximus and must be returned within the stated time and in its original condition, otherwise fixed compensation will be claimed, as set out in the contract.

Free replacements can be issued no more than twice over any 12-month period, unless the original device is repaired by Proximus.

Proximus may cancel this free option at any time.

Terms and conditions

Mandate document for account owners (.pdf in French)

Get off to a flying start

Keep your smartphone in top condition with these services:

Smartphone Omnium

An equivalent model will be sent to your home the next day, also in the European Union. For €12/month.

This way, you're always close to friends and family. Isn't that great?

Deliveries from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

More info about Smartphone Omnium

Norton Security

Don't give viruses and hackers a chance. They can completely mess up your mobile device too.

What's more, you'll be able to track down your smartphone easily in case it gets stolen. All of that, for €2/month!

Learn more about Norton


Want to fully protect your smartphone, without using a cover or pouch? Clear-Coat gives your phone a protective layer - ideal against scratches and dents!

Available in matte, classic or color versions. A future replacement of the film costs €10.

Choose your Clear-Coat, from €29.99.

Get Clear-Coat in your Proximus Shop

Smartphone Start

We replace or install your SIM card and show you how to use your new smartphone, basic configuration included. All of this, free of charge.

An advanced configuration is also possible for €10.

Want to know everything about your smartphone? Follow personalized training for €20.

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