New Year's resolutions for 2017? These apps will help you!

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New Year's resolutions for 2017? These apps will help you!

That means you have no more excuses.

You probably start strong, full of good intentions: to be kinder to the environment, increase your productivity at work, or the usual suspects – to quit smoking or lose weight. In short, you want a new, healthier you.

Sounds so familiar. But how many of us actually keep the resolutions we make year in year out? Well, here are some cool apps that will help you stay on track. So you have no excuses for not keeping those resolutions!

  1. Eat healthier.

    After the binge eating and drinking of the Christmas period, you have every reason to want to cut down in the new year. But for this, you need to keep track of what you put into your body, in a simple and accurate way. That's where the Diet Tracker of MyFitnessPal comes in. 

    With this diet app, you simply enter what you eat from a database of over 3 million foods. You can even make it easy for yourself by creating a list of your favourite foods or entering everything you eat with a bar-code scanner. That way, you also have all the important information at hand: not just about calories, but also carbohydrates and fats.

    Free of charge. For iOS and Android.

  2. Quit smoking.

    Another popular resolution. It's so easy to get tempted to light that one last cigarette. And then you're back to square one. But this app can help you to succeed. With the Livestrong MyQuit Coach, you can choose to quit step by step or in one go. Based on a few questions, you are given a personal step-by-step plan which helps you keep track of everything. You can follow your progress with all kinds of graphs.

    Free of charge. For iOS.

  3. Exercise more.

    It’s no coincidence that January is the busiest month at the gym. But if you want to escape the hordes, why not work out at home? Sworkit can help you get started. There's a workout regime that fits every lifestyle. You have a wide choice of exercise routines, from 5 minutes to more than an hour, including yoga, pilates and stretching. And trust me, it's as easy as creating a playlist. So, now you have no excuse to work on that six pack!

    Free of charge. For iOS and Android.

  4. A good night's sleep.

    A lot of people have difficulties sleeping. And yet, how well you sleep influences how well you feel during the day. So it's important to keep track of your sleep. That's easy now, thanks to Sleep Bot. This app records your movements during the night to analyze how deeply you sleep. This is important because it affects the quality of your slumber. It also records sounds during the night, to find out if you snore. And it stops automatically when your alarm goes off.

    Free of charge. For iOS and Android.

  5. Explore the world.

    Travel more often and discover new things: that's one of my resolutions for 2017. Especially new types of food. And for this, there’s the Foodspotting app, which helps you discover surprising new dishes in your own neighborhood. Ideal for everyday use, but also for blending in with the local population on your next city trip.

    Free of charge. For iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  6. Read more.

    Want to read more and stay abreast of what's happening in the world? You can start by reading more newspapers and magazines – instead of wading through a novel by James Joyce. Blendle can help you out. With this app, you pay per article, instead of having to take a whole subscription, and you can choose from a wide range of Belgian and international newspapers like The Washington Post and The New York Times, as well as magazines such as Time Magazine and Newsweek.

    Free of charge. For iOS and Android.

  7. Learn a new language.

    Want to spruce up your German, so you can have a decent conversation during the après-ski? Or perhaps you want to show off your sexy Spanish or Italian on your next summer holiday? Before, you probably had to enroll in a course, but in 2017, there's Duolingo. You have a choice of six foreign languages which you can learn through short and fun exercises. Ideal for daily practice, also when you’re on the move.

    Free of charge. For iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Good luck! And to help you keep your resolutions, we make sure you have loads of mobile data, thanks to Tuttimus. So you can use apps on your smartphone to your heart's content.

Or do you prefer the freedom of a mobile subscription, plus unlimited data for your favorite app? In that case, we can offer you Mobilus.


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