The funniest moving bloopers

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The funniest moving bloopers

Are you, or a friend, planning to move soon? Watch these hilarious moving bloopers!

Do you always have great ideas – which in hindsight were not so great? Do you have a really clumsy friend? Then be sure to watch these moving bloopers to get you prepared for the worst!

To measure is to know

When you move, a bit of common sense goes a long way – and so does a good measuring tape. Measure your furniture in advance to make sure it will fit in the removal van and, more importantly, your new home. The people in the video below were a bit too optimistic!

Know your limits

Don't try to do too much, or to rush things. It's better to carry a few boxes with everything inside intact, than end up with broken things… See how it's done in this video clip: 

Attach everything properly

Make sure your stuff can't move around in the removal van, that cupboard doors are sealed closed, and everything is well packed. Because things can go horribly wrong… 

Looks familiar?
Take our handy test to find out what type of "moving person" you are, and what to watch out for during your move. Check it out!


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