Up to 2x more data at Proximus!

Published on 30/06/2017 in Bits & Bytes

Up to 2x more data at Proximus!

Share your stories, pictures and videos with friends and family via Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. Stream your favourite music and watch TV in HD-quality, wherever you are. Of course, you’ll need sufficient mobile data in your subscription and a high-performing network.

As from August 1st, we’ll drastically increase the data volumes included in our subscriptions.

These updates of our offer come along with a limited price increase. Our tariffs remain very competitive, especially when considering our Packs. Click here to compare offers.

So... Don’t worry about data consumption!
Even on holidays, your whole bundle can now also be used anywhere in the European Union at no extra cost.

But what exactly do you do with 1 GB of extra mobile data?

Let's make a quick calculation together. You’ll be astounded at the many possibilities that this gives you.

With 1 GB you can for example:

  • Stream around 30 hours’ worth of music. Ideal for listening to your favorite songs via Spotify and co. during a long car journey.
  • Watch about five hours’ worth of videos in standard quality. That means you can scour YouTube at your leisure for funny clips while on the move or at the poolside. Or bingewatch your favorite series with your Netflix account, which comes included with your Tuttimus pack.
  • Make 6,000 visits to your social media such as Facebook. Even the most fervent Facebook addicts will find this a sweet deal.
  • Visit 2,500 web pages. That’s a ginormous amount, allowing you to perfectly follow what's happening in the world.
  • Read 2,000 e-mails. Great for constantly checking your mailbox while on the road.
  • Download 25 apps. So there’s no need any longer to think twice about downloading that additional fun game or that useful app which makes your life easier.

So, relax and enjoy the quality of the Proximus network at its fullest!

PS: if you like, you can easily check your mobile data usage via MyProximus (on the website or via the app for Android, iOS and Windows).


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