Tested: the iPhone 6S

Published on 15/07/2016 in Bits & Bytes

Tested: the iPhone 6S

Is it Apple’s true flagship?


The iPhone 6S is Apple's top model. And it's the latest S version of the iPhone 6 from 2014. Meanwhile we already know what that means: it's almost identical to its predecessor from the outside but on the inside everything has been slightly improved upon. Plus there are a few new features on top of that.

To be sure, we're really quite a fan of those S models. You just know what to expect. And with Apple that's a lot. But has the iPhone 6S really become even better than the iPhone 6? We checked it out.

The results: among the best in class, in all areas

From the outside there are no major new features: barring a few details, the design is almost identical to the iPhone 6. But since we already really liked the previous version we don't mind that at all. However, the aluminum has become even more robust and the phone as a whole has been made still more scratch resistant. In short, this 6S can easily keep up with the other big boys in class when it comes to looks. And for fans there is a new color in the line-up: rose gold.

The latest iPhone has gained a little weight on its predecessor. But in practice we didn't really notice the difference. As we're accustomed from Apple, this smartphone feels solid and lies nicely in the hand.

What we did notice was that the back feels less slippery than that of the iPhone 6, which means that your valuable phone is less inclined to slip out of your hands. And that's particularly good for the cack-handed among us, isn't it?


The iPhone 6S features the now familiar 4.7-inch Retina touchscreen. Despite this larger size, scrolling with one hand is a cinch. As for brightness and color rendition, this smartphone does really well. And image sharpness is what we've come to expect from Apple: razor sharp. The colors appear natural, without becoming garish. We also noticed that the display of this latest version has a little more contrast, which is a good thing.

For those who are a little less careful there is more good news: the glass can take knocks even better than the previous iPhone. What’s more, it's also very scratch resistant.

One new feature of the 6S is the so-called 3D Touch. What exactly is that? Well, the smartphone recognizes the difference between hard and soft presses. Take the maps app for example: a soft press will open the app and a hard press will display a shortcut menu, with, for example, the possibility of finding your way home. Compare it to the right-hand mouse button on your laptop.


Something in which the iPhone 6S clearly distinguishes itself from the older versions are its cameras. The phone now features a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. And again that's a slight improvement over the iPhone 6.

The advantage of the improved rear camera is that you can now zoom in even more on photos, without any loss of detail. To us there’s no doubt: this smartphone belongs among the top tier of smartphone cameras. Images are sharp with sufficient detail and colors are rendered faithfully. What's more, you can shoot 4K video.

As for the front camera, we found that the iPhone 6S now takes nice, really useable selfies. In addition, you can use your screen as a flash, which is great in low light.


The battery of the iPhone 6S has more than enough capacity. With average use, you'll make it to the end of the day without a problem. If you use it a little more intensively, you may need to recharge it a little sooner.

The energy saving function is a useful extra. If you switch it on, the phone uses only what is strictly necessary and your battery charge will last longer.

Multimedia and games

The iPhone 6S has received a hardware upgrade. We found that with the latest A9 chip and 2 GB of working memory on board, the phone starts up, loads websites and opens apps even faster. Although in all honesty, the iPhone 6 was already very capable in the speed department.

Gaming also works very smoothly: we didn't notice any glitches in the image, even when running heavy 3D versions. We're also confident that future, heavier games will pose no problem either.

Just a bit of advice: if you want to store lots of apps and games (along with the requisite music tracks and self-made 4K videos), you'd be better off choosing the 64 or 128 GB model.

The highlights

A number of useful gadgets stood out for us. Here's an overview:

Fingerprint scanner


Always good to give your valuable property that little extra protection.

Live Photos


Bring your photos to life!

Retina Flash


Are your selfies too dark? Apple has come up with a solution for this ...

240 fps Slow Motion


Want to capture movement in extra slow motion and in detail?  Then this is ideal!

In short …

The iPhone 6S is Apple's flagship. And rightfully so.

Like its predecessor, the phone is really fast and the display is nice and sharp. But it's the camera where most progress has been made. Selfies are now really nice and useable and photos taken with the rear camera have lots of detail and accurate color rendition.

But the million dollar question is: is there really much of a difference between the iPhone 6 and the 6S? Aside from the cameras, maybe not. But one thing's certain: the latest iPhone is highly recommended if you're looking for a phone that performs well in every area and which will remain bang up to date in the near future as well.

iPhone 6S

Want a trendy smartphone that has a lot to offer? Look no further!


  • Larger yet nifty
  • Very fast
  • Excellent front and rear cameras
  • Films in 4K
  • No optical image stabilization
  • Memory not expandable
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