Create the coolest pics on Instagram with these 3 apps

Published on 06/12/2017 in Tips & tricks from…

Create the coolest pics on Instagram with these 3 apps

Because photos are made to be edited!

Can't wait to go on holiday? Don't despair, you'll have another great collection of holiday photos. Only this time, they'll be different! Because you can edit them on Instagram. But why limit yourself to the Juno, Lark and Clarendon filters? Why not use an extra app to get the most out of your photos? VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Woodcamera are some of the best filter apps around. And, as you know, photos are made to be edited.

  1. VSCO Cam: pale is hip

    What a hot app: pale, hip ideas from VSCO Cam. Whether you have a beautiful view in front of you or just a cappuccino, with this app you can add an artistic layer to your photos. And don't forget to use the hashtag #VSCO, a popular search term on Instagram!

    Free or charge. For iOS and Android.

  2. Camera Noir: go black and white

    If you like black-and-white pictures, Camera Noir is a great and simple app to use. With the press of a button, you can take monochrome photos or turn your color photos black and white. Black and white photos take you back in time, but they're also timeless.

    € 0,99. For iOS.

  3. Snapseed: Photoshop for dummies

    This app is mainly used for editing images: removing stains, changing colors, and increasing or reducing contrast. Snapseed also allows you to saturate colors, to make your photos look a bit more professional.

    Free or charge. For iOS and Android.

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