Happy House: TV and Internet in every corner of your home

Published on 27/05/2021 in Service

Happy House: TV and Internet in every corner of your home

Our technical experts analyze your Internet, TV, and phone for you, at no charge. So that you can surf, binge-watch, and call everywhere in your home, without a care.

With a little help, make the most of your Internet and TV

Whether you call, surf or stream, everything has to work smoothly, right? One of our experts will call you and run an analysis with you. This way, we ensure that your Internet and digital TV work perfectly. Just have your computer, smartphone and tablet ready!

How much will it cost? Not a cent, it's absolutely free of charge!

Contact me for a detailed analysis

Wat will we do?

Our expert will verify everything, down to the smallest detail:

  • Check all Internet and Wi-Fi connections, to ensure they are stable and secure. The configuration of your computers, tablets and smartphones is included.
  • Check your modem and TV decoder, replacing them if necessary.
  • Test if your fixed line is working well.

Any further questions? Our expert will be happy to answer them!


General terms and conditions

If a visit is required, it will be scheduled according to Proximus' availability and capacity. The visit itself (travel and working hours) is free of charge.

If additional or specially adapted equipment is required, this will be installed in consultation with you, without obligation. Where applicable, you will be charged for such equipment. Only defective decoders will be replaced.


Being efficient, that's my ‘thing’. Expect concrete tips, apps and services that will make it easy for you!

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