Tested: the LG G5

Published on 20/07/2016 in Bits & Bytes

Tested: the LG G5

Has LG released another excellent top model?


A phone that you can specify completely to your own taste. That's what they call a modular smartphone. The LG G5 takes a few steps in that direction. Indeed, you can detach the underside of the phone to add additional items such as a larger battery with an extra camera button, or a headphone amplifier.

But does this give the phone a real added value? And for the rest, does it have all the usual features a model like this should have? Good questions, to which we sought good answers.

The results: innovative and with a great camera and battery to boot

When you see the LG G5 the following strikes you straight off: the design looks restrained. But at the same time we feel that it’s rather stylish and solid. When using the device for the first time we were immediately struck by the aluminum back. This appears to have been treated so it doesn't immediately become full of fingerprints.Clean.

The fingerprint scanner is on the back. That’s a handy spot as it allows you to activate it as soon as you take the phone out of your trouser pocket. Incidentally, the scanner works excellently and, above all, quickly.


Like its predecessor, the G5 has a 5.3-inch qhd touchscreen. What struck us most is that blacks are truly nice and black. The other colors are vivid and very bright. For some they may be somewhat over the top, but luckily you can change this too in the settings.


The cameras are the G5's strong suit. LG has even provided two rear cameras. First, there's the main camera of 16 megapixels. The photos we took with it are excellent in terms of accurate color emulation and capture the incidence of light particularly well. And what's more, even in low light there's lots of detail in the photos. That's something we see only rarely in smartphones.

And then there's a second rear camera of 8 megapixels with a wide-angle lens. A normal camera has an angle of 75 degrees, but this one does one better with 135 degrees. The quality of the photos is well worth seeing. In short, a useful extra if you want to fit a lot into one picture. But in practice we think you'll choose to use the main camera most of the time.


The battery autonomy of the LG G5 is also more than satisfactory. If you use it for a variety of applications throughout the day you certainly won’t have any problems before the day's end. Incidentally, you can purchase a bigger battery which provides even more juice. But to be honest, we think most of you won't need it.

Multimedia and games

In terms of hardware under the bonnet, this phone does well here too. It boasts a fast chip and 4 GB of working memory. You don't need any more than that to run even a heavier app. The same should hold true for multi-tasking or intensive gaming, if that's what you’d like to do.

The highlights

A number of useful gadgets stood out for us. Here's an overview:

Fingerprint scanner


© Sam Pullen

Always good to give your valuable property that little extra protection.

Always-on function


© TalkAndroid

Permanently displays certain features, such as the time, even when your G5 is switched off. And it doesn't drain your battery.

Removable battery ...


© Android Central

Not that common nowadays, yet oh so useful!

... and additional modules for your G5


© Digital Trends

Make a true compact camera out of it.

In short …

With the G5, LG has released another excellent top model. A pleasant surprise to us was the splendid camera and the great battery, which can cope with more intensive use too. As a result, the smartphone keeps up well with the top models from other manufacturers.

In addition,gadget freaks can indulge their passion with features such as the exchangeable battery and special modules for the smartphone. The wide-angle lens and the Always-on feature are also nice extras these days when smartphones are starting to resemble each other more and more.


A top-class camera and a good battery all in one? Here's your partner in crime!


  • Great cameras
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Always-on screen
  • Accessories are not cheap


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