Fast Internet for Deurne Arena

Published on 12/04/2017 in Be the first to know

Fast Internet for Deurne Arena

Thanks to a brand-new optical fiber network.

The time has come! Surfing, streaming and gaming at the speed of light is coming to Flanders. And its largest city will of course be the first to receive fiber.

We're giving it full gas!

Why fiber?

As you will probably have noticed, it's getting busier and busier on your Internet connection. You probably stream or watch TV in HD, while someone else in your home wants to do online gaming. Or simply surf and share at super-fast speed. Well, with fiber you can do all those things at the same time. Even when everyone in your street is on the Internet too. Without the least hitch, of course.

What's more, with this you'll be fully prepared for whatever the future will bring us. Every day you get more devices in your home which you can connect to the Internet. There are actually more than you think! And then there's also ultra-HD, which is just around the corner. Yet another thing that will require extra power from your Internet connection.

Well, fiber can take all this in its stride.

And if you want: even right up into your home.

Now that we're busy installing it anyway, you may as well go the whole hog. Because you can only make the most of these extra advantages if the fiber connection runs all the way into your home.

That's why we’re now laying fiber to the home in the Deurne Arena and Kriekenhof districts totally free of charge. Even if you're not a Proximus customer! And you don't have to become one afterwards either.

Not only will you then be all set for quite a few years to come, but your house or apartment will also increase in value. Because fiber will soon become standard, that's for sure.

Interested? Then check here whether fiber to the home is possible where you live too. We'll let you know when your part of the neighbourhood is about to get fiber.

There’s no need to hesitate, because it's totally free of charge and without obligation.

Our Fiber Truck in your neighborhood to answer all of your questions.

A few time ago, you discovered in your mailbox our dedicated newspaper, where you could find lots of useful info. Should you still want to meet a Fiber expert, no worries, our Fiber Truck is coming to town.  

You can get practical information about the works in your street, but also more info about Fiber to your home and related internet products.

In the coming days, the Fiber truck will be at your disposal on 20th and 27th June, in the Wouter Haecklaan. Please feel free to pass by to ask your questions:

  • Wednesday 20th June, from 10 to 18h, Wouter Haecklaan 1-4
  • Wednesday  27th June, from 10 to 18h, Wouter Haecklaan 9-12

You can not make it those days ?

Consult our special page dedicated to Fiber


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