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Data Eye Application: Pilot Launch Please note that we are introducing a pilot offer for some smartphones users regarding the application “Data Eye” and the “Discovery Bundle. Data Eye is an application which helps you manage your smartphone’s data usage by blocking access to mobile data on an app-per-app basis.

Once the data eye session starts, the app restricts background data and provides internet access to only those apps which are allowed by user.
It also comes with sponsored set of Apps on which data access is free and fully covered by your Discovery bundle.  Free usage is activated by turning on the service from within the DataEye app. Please note that download from app store is charged while data usage within App is free

Note: This is a pilot limited in time and available for some subscribers only. How to know if you can enjoy this offer? You have received a SMS. Or Easier! Download the DataEye application and you will see if there are applications available in the free data app list.

DataEye Google Play


1. What is DataEye?

DataEye is a mobile app that provides the most value for money you spent on mobile data. DataEye ensures that your mobile data is being used by only those apps which you want to access and when you want to access. By having control of turning on mobile data for those apps that you plan to use, you prevent drain of your mobile data due to background pinging by apps on your mobile device that you are not using. DataEye also provides discovery of data free apps offered by Proximus through the Discovery Bundle. Through this feature, subscribers can enjoy various apps without incurring any data charges. Finally, DataEye saves battery life so subscribers can use their mobile phones longer without need for recharge.

2. Will I be notified if I am navigating outside of sponsored content?

Yes, you will be notified. If you click on an external link or if you are about to navigate outside of sponsored content, there will be a notification that pops up informing of you that you are about to navigate outside of sponsored content. You can decide to continue or go back to sponsored content.

3. How will I be notified when sponsored content is expiring?

Each data-free app or website will show when the sponsored content promotion ends in terms of data usage allowed or timeline. You can see these details by clicking on the data free app or website. Also, once the promotion has ended, the data free app or website will be removed from the Free Data Apps tab.

4. Why have I received a SMS from Proximus regarding the Discovery Bundle?

If you have received a SMS regarding the discovery bundle and DataEye application it is because as of that moment you can benefit from the new Proximus offer that gives you free mobile data access to certain mobile applications. You will be notified via SMS when the offer ends.

5. How to order the Discovery Bundle?

If you have not received any SMS regarding the Discovery Bundle you cannot benefit from this offer. We have intentionally restricted the access to the offer to test it and to make sure Proximus delivers a full experience when going full scale.

6. How to download the DataEye application?

DataEye application is available on the Google Play Store. Click this link to know more about DataEye application: http://bit.ly/ProximusDataEye1. In case of issues when downloading the application please consult Google Play store help page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/.

7. How to activate the Discovery Bundle?

The Discovery Bundle gives you free mobile data access to mobile applications if you have activated the DataEye Application. Open the DataEye application and turn on the service. Confirm you allow the DataEye application to create a secure connection and validate the request. You can now benefit from free mobile data for all mobile applications listed on the Sponsored Apps tab.

8. What are the applications I can use for free with the Discovery Bundle?

Open the DataEye application. On the Sponsored Apps tab you will find the list of mobile applications that you can use free of mobile data charge with your Discovery Bundle.

9. How to control my Discovery Bundle usage?

If you have not installed MyProximus application yet, go to the Google Play Store and install this application. In MyProximus App, you will find your Discovery Bundle usage in My Usage section, My Mobile Internet.

10. Is the usage for downloading a Discovery Bundle application for free?

The usage for downloading mobile applications is not covered by your Discovery Bundle. Please connect to a WiFi hotspot to download the application without extra usage costs.

11. How to block applications from using mobile data with DataEye application?

The DataEye application gives you the flexibility to control your mobile data usage. Besides managing applications that you can use free of mobile data charge, you can select mobile applications installed on your smartphone that can access mobile Internet and control their mobile data usage. Make sure to activate the service, see (link to FAQs 4).Then go to the ALL MY APPS tab where all mobile applications installed on your smartphone are listed down. For each one you can decide to block or unblock access to mobile data .

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