Here they are: the best affordable smartphones

Published on 21/09/2017 in Bits & Bytes

Here they are: the best affordable smartphones

Looking for a good smartphone that won't leave a dent in your wallet? I can totally relate! That's why I went in search of the top three smartphones that offer great value for a gentle price tag.

And here they are:

  1. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017): stylish and fast

    What immediately strikes you about this smartphone is its solid finishing. The sleek metal body not only gives it a premium look but also ensures it can take a few knocks.

    And if you enjoy taking selfies at parties, brace yourself: the 13-MP front camera has an built-in flash for taking photos with your friends, even in low light. What’s more, you can always fall back on the rear camera, which also packs 13 MP.

    Other nice features:

    • Dual SIM
    • Fingerprint scanner
    • 5.2-inch HD AMOLED display
    • 1.6 GHz octa-core processor
    • PLUS, temporarily, a free 32-GB microSD card

    The Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is now available in our webshop for only €249.99.

  2. Huawei Y7

    Always tapping away on your mobile? Do you hate it when the battery runs out before the day has ended? Then you should certainly consider this smartphone. Its battery packs a staggering 4,000 mAh, which means it can easily get you through the day. And sometimes even the next day.

    Tastes may differ, but I think this Huawei has a beautiful design, especially with its metal body and rounded edges.

    Other nice features:

    • Dual SIM
    • 12-MP rear camera, plus an 8-MP front camera
    • 5.5-inch HD LCD display
    • 1.4 GHz quad-core processor

    The Huawei Y7 is now available in our webshop for only €199.99.

  3. Sony Xperia L1

    The first thing you notice about this smartphone is the HD LCD display. At 5.5 inches, it's nice and big – ideal for watching Netflix. But the thin edges around the screen ensure it’s not “too” big.

    And it works just as good as it looks. Especially thanks to the Smart Cleaner feature, which gives you optimal speed.

    Other nice features:

    • 13-MP rear camera, plus a 5-MP front camera
    • 1.45 GHz quad-core processor

    The Sony Xperia L1 is now available in our webshop for only €199.99.


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