Everything you need to know about Black Friday

by ErikTips & tricks from…23/11/2016

Everything you need to know about Black Friday


Another crazy tradition from America.

We haven't yet fully recovered from the surprising election result in the United States before another new tradition of theirs arrives on our shores. It's called Black Friday. But what exactly is it?

Crazy sales

In the United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, an important festive holiday there. On that Friday most people don't have to go to work. And they take advantage of that to go on a massive shopping spree. They even shop for the end-of-year festive period. Especially because the shops are offering them the craziest discounts and deals.

Some American stores even open at 3 in the morning, while there are already heaps of people queuing up at that time.


Because quite a few items sell out quickly. With all the pushing and tugging that involves.


Crazy situations that we don't see here. And that's just as well!

We too are participating in Black Friday! Are you going for Tuttimus, our strongest all-in? Then we'll offer you a magnificent TV or smartphone for just €49. Treat yourself and choose between a Samsung 40-inch ultra HD TV (normal price: €599.99) and a Samsung Galaxy S6 (normal price: €449.99).

And there’s even more good news! If you redeem your Premium Club points between Friday 25 November and Sunday 27 November, you'll get 10% of it back towards a next purchase. And you can simply redeem your points online.

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