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Your IT infrastructure always up to date

Published on 10/11/2015 in Solutions & services

Your IT infrastructure always up to date

A drill doesn’t need updates and is, even after 20 years, compatible with the twist drills. By contrast, your IT infrastructure needs ongoing maintenance and updates in order to keep performing well. Proximus keeps you informed on what updates are necessary.

You always want to have the latest hard- and software without spending time looking for the necessary updates and information from vendors. You can count on Proximus for a comprehensive range of services that relieve you of all concerns to do with the maintenance of your IT infrastructure: Proximus Life Cycle Services. That way, your investment carries on yielding returns long after its purchase.

Customized advice
Proximus uses advanced tools to update your IT infrastructure inventory on a regular basis. Our experts look at whether your Cisco equipment is covered by the right maintenance contracts and whether there are any new manufacturer’s notifications. Based on this information, you will receive a report containing recommendations about hardware, software and security for your specific environment. Naturally you also want to have the right IT resources at all times. This is why it is important for the inventory to be updated regularly. You can choose the frequency depending on your needs: annually, quarterly or monthly, for example. The recommendations are thus provided in a very flexible way that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Immediate intervention
Because IT becomes obsolete so fast, you can rely on Proximus to monitor new developments closely to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date. If the IT environment changes, if a security update is available or bugs are resolved, Proximus will inform you immediately and intervene where necessary. Moreover, we will also let you know if part of your IT infrastructure will cease to be supported by the supplier, so that you can prepare to migrate to new hardware. As a result, you will always be working with IT infrastructure that functions optimally and is properly protected, ready for the future and the challenges of your business.

Business benefits
• IT always up to date
• Time savings, no need to take the time to go through info from vendors
• Fixed monthly fee
• Advice focuses on your environment
• You choose the reporting frequency yourself


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