New perspectives for Wouter Torfs, CEO of Schoenen Torfs NV

Published on 27/04/2016 in Inspire

New perspectives for Wouter Torfs, CEO of Schoenen Torfs NV

Schoenen Torfs is one of the biggest shoe shop chains in the country. The company has recently strengthened its position even further with the takeover of Brantano. Torfs has already won various awards, including ‘Best Employer in Belgium’ seven times.

Writing a book yourself

I've written a book called ‘Werken met hart en ziel’ (Working with heart and soul). Writing the book was 99% hard work and 1% inspiration. It took two years to do, but it forces you to think about the long-term future of and in your company. You have to be able to combine that with the strategy and profitability of your business. I would recommend every entrepreneur to write a book.

The round table 

Don't run off to a consultant too quickly. I prefer to seek out people in similar situations in what we call the ‘CEO Council’. In my case, these are CEOs of family businesses. Six of us meet up twice a year and talk about private matters, but also succession, takeovers like ours of Brantano, etc. Share your concerns with business leaders who are open to an approach like this, in confidence.

Reinventing your organization 

‘Reinventing organizations’ by Frederic Laloux from Brussels, who works as a executive coach and advisor, is a management book which, for once, does not come from an American management guru. The book offers a window on the organization of the future. It gave me lots of inspiration about how we can successfully further develop Torfs over the coming five to ten years.

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