Working with Proximus: trust is a priority

Published on 12/06/2017 in Customer Stories

Working with Proximus: trust is a priority

Christian Moedts, Network Engineer at Comet Group, particularly appreciates the trusting relationship they have established with Proximus. Availability, proactivity and an in-depth knowledge of the enterprise: the collaboration with Proximus is really beneficial to the business.

Totally available for the customer

The professionals at Proximus know what it means to be fully engaged with a client:

A dedicated and devoted team

“A team formed by Pierre Coppin (Key Account Manager), Barbara Darimont-Barber (Solution Sales Consultant) and Corinne Chomé (Customer Support Officer Mobile) is in charge of the day-to-day management of everything connected to mobile telephony. I know who I can contact for any particular type of question I may have at any time. I appreciate their proactive approach and their honesty. Pierre knows us very well: our challenges, our needs, our colleagues, ...” 

Reactivity at all times

“I decided to group all our telephony with Proximus.” We needed to get SIM cards to our directors in all four corners of the world,” Christian Moedts recalls. “And of course, Murphy’s law, when the first batch was transferred, five SIM cards went missing, between Belgium and India, before Proximus even had a chance to officially transfer our numbers. I was impressed by the responsiveness shown by Proximus. They did absolutely everything to find them. Then they decided to put in place a manual control procedure to make sure no other cards got lost. It was a huge task. I could stay Zen thanks to their efficiency and calm follow up.”

99 % satisfaction

Pierre Coppin is pleased with this level of satisfaction. “I put everything into it. It’s not just a contract.” For Christian Moedts, the success is due to the relationship of trust established with Proximus. “They come with suggestions and better and more economic solutions. For example for our warehouse in the basement, they installed a new antenna on the roof.  Now with the mobile network amplifier, we have first-class reception."

A real complicity

“The whole team made sure the project was a success,” says Christian Moedts. “The client trusts their CSO completely,” says Corinne Chomé. “If a problem arises, we have to do even more. And in this case, expectations are huge.” Christian Moedts adds: “I don’t have the impression that I’m just a number. Transparency and feedback are the order of the day.”

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