VMworld 2016, be_TOMORROW

Published on 11/01/2017 in News

VMworld 2016, be_TOMORROW

VMworld has been over for some time now. We want to take a moment to reflect on the overall vision that VMware announced.

What are the new trends?

Consumerization of IT (a significant shift from understanding technology to understanding 

  • Today, every company is a technology company. The way a company uses technology defines its success.
  • People own more and more devices and they want to have access to applications on the spot. More and more devices are connected to the Internet (IoT).
  • Applications are developed, used and replaced at a very high pace.
  •  Examples: the biggest taxi company (Uber) in the world doesn’t own a single taxi, largest media companies (Facebook) don’t produce any content,…

Clouds are here to stay

  • Big shift from ‘"Do It Yourself’” to Service Provider data centers, and a shift from private to public.
  • Workloads will move between private, hybrid and public Clouds.
What are the vision and the strategy of VMware?

Provide Cross-Cloud control pane for IT

  • True hybrid model – live migrations of workloads
    • How? VMware provides leading technology to support corporate workloads, allowing workloads to move to and from Clouds. The launch of the VMware Cloud foundation (vSphere, vSAN, NSX, SDDC and vRealize).
  • Become major Cloud player without owning a mega-Cloud
    • How? Strategic partnerships (Amazon Web Services, Google,…)

Any application on Any Cloud for Any device

  •  Any application
    • Hypervisor ready for DevOps dockers (containers)
    • Traditional & Cloud-native & SaaS apps
  • Any Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, Google, vCloud Air, private Clouds,…
  • Any device: the end-user is key
    • Mobile & Desktop
    • Workspace ONE (secured workspace) & Airwatch (secured devices)
  • Regain control over shadow IT
What is the role of the Cloud provider?

Become a trusted advisor: 

  • Cross-Cloud: manage Clouds of customers (journeys between Clouds)
  • Hybrid infrastructure management (DRaaS, IaaS, …)
  • Operate & manage customer’s applications (any application) 

Align converged portfolio: best possible combination between Cloud solutions & end-user computing & data security & …

This year at VMworld, VMware tried to answer the question “What is next?” and their answer is one unified hybrid cloud, running any application, any Cloud, on any device, anywhere.

What’s next for you?

If you missed the show on the VMWare’s most important announcements made at the show, don’t hesitate to contact your Proxumus ICT partner or Solution Sales if you want to share your ideas and projects.

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