How detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks?

Published on 02/11/2017 in News

How detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks?

The annual Cyber Security Convention not only offers an overview of the hot potatoes in the world of IT security. It is also a great networking event where visitors can find out more about the range on offer from security providers.

Arbor Networks is an American company that has specialized in providing protection against DDoS attacks, botnets, worms and other cyber criminal threats to company networks. “Our roots lie in protecting the networks of providers like Proximus,” says Wim De Niel, Consulting Engineer at Arbor Networks. “For the past few years, we have also been working with companies that have large networks, with Proximus in the role of integrator.” 

A DDoS attack – mainly intended to paralyze a website or an application – usually targets larger companies. “In terms of content, this form of cyber crime is not changing very quickly,” says Wim De Niel. “However, we are seeing an increase in the frequency and scope of the attacks.” 

Cyber criminals now use a DDoS attack to create a diversion. The attack causes chaos, so they have a better chance of penetrating the company network unobserved, for instance to steal data. “This further increases the efficiency of the attacks,” according to Wim De Niel. “Among other things, we help companies with monitoring, so that they manage to detect the attacks before they cause any damage.”

  • Security policy begins with good visibility. Interested in what else is discussed during the Cyber Security Convention?

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