Useful app: Network & System Toolkit

by One magazineDevices, apps and IoT13/06/2015

Useful app: Network & System Toolkit


Thanks to the Network & System Toolkit you can discover which programs run on your mobile device, to which network you’re connected and why your device is running so slow.

It’s often hard to know what your phone is doing in the background, but we sometimes wonder why everything is running slowly why the battery is draining fast.

The Network & System Toolkit consists of two programs that will help you find out. Firstly, the Network Analyzer scours your wireless network for connected systems and scans them to find out what kind of devices are being used. Meanwhile, the app reports how fast your Internet connection is at any given time.

The System Status app then provides information on the status of your iPhone or iPad itself. This allows you to find out which programs and processes are active and how much memory, processor power and disk space they are using. The program helps you to detect power-guzzlers and extend your battery life.

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