Ursula Dongmo, Young ICT Lady of the Year 2016

Published on 25/07/2016 in Inspire

Ursula Dongmo, Young ICT Lady of the Year 2016

Ursula L-J Dongmo likes to go out with friends or pay a visit to the movies in her free time. When she is alone she reads a Game of Thrones novel or sings. It’s clear that this young woman prefers to keep work and private life separate, because once in the workplace it’s only business that counts.


In 2011 Ursula L-J Dongmo became an IT Research Engineer in Electronics and Microelectronics. She put the completion of her doctorate at the Bergen polytechnic faculty on hold for the time being. She then went to work in the banking sector right away as Junior IT Consultant at Callataÿ & Wouters (which has changed to Sopra Banking Software in the meantime).

In November 2013 she joined the ICT department of ING Belgium. As IT Business Consultant she worked her way up to Supervisor of the Service Operations Center. Recently she received the award of `Young ICT Lady of the Year 2016’ for her hard work.


ING Belgium offers its customers in the banking sector a broad range of financial products via a distribution channel of their choice. ING Belgium is part of the ING Group, which posted a 4.01 billion euro profit in 2015. 


ING Belgium employs 9275 workers, with 2130 (internal and external) employees working in the ICT department. There are some 52,000 in the ING Group worldwide. The business is active in over 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia. 

  1. What is your biggest professional achievement?
    Undoubtedly receiving the prize for `Young ICT Lady of the Year 2016’. It’s a reward for my professional career so far. If I look at the biggest professional achievement with my current employer, I would go for the impact I’ve had on the ING ICT team. Since September 2015 traffic-based monitoring has given way to time-based monitoring, and the end-to-end business services monitoring has increased our capacity to discover incidents. This means that transactions are followed up from beginning to end.
  2. Which brand has your undying loyalty?
    In my professional world I go rock-solid for Apple. I’m a big fan. All my devices are from Apple, because everything can be simply interconnected. In my free time I choose Michael Kors. I like stylish fashion.
  3. What don’t your coworkers know about you?
    That I like to sing! At work I come over as fairly serious, but outside my working hours I like to have fun.
  4. How would you describe your job yourself?
    As supervisor, I’m responsible for prevention and detection of incidents in critical operating activities. I work together with strategic teams in the ICT department and we design and improve operational processes.
  5. Which person or event has significantly influenced your career?
    Marleen Hulsbosch, Head of Platform Services Incident & Problem Management at ING Belgium. At the time I began to work at ING, she was the person who had confidence in me right away, even before I had proven myself. She saw that I had potential, and people like that also partially determine your career.
  6. What do you think is the most important invention of the past 20 years?
    Undoubtedly instant messaging like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. You can contact anyone, regardless of location. When I think about it further, instant messaging has become possible solely thanks to the internet.
  7. What do you think will be the next trend in the technology and ICT world?
    It has already existed for several years, but I’m convinced that use of video messages will increase sharply. Consumers are going to send fewer and fewer text messages and more video messages, because it’s faster and more efficient. Audio messages are also easy to send, but the design of the applications doesn’t allow this.


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