Time management for advanced users

Published on 13/11/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

Time management for advanced users

Keep up with how much time you spend on certain tasks in a few clicks using Timely. An overview provides useful information about your time management.

If you are the lucky owner of an Apple Watch, then you are probably in search of useful apps to make the best possible use of your digital timepiece. The time management app Timely is defi nitely worth recommending.

Timely works on the basis of two simple buttons. The left-hand button keeps you informed of how you are spending your time and that takes just three clicks. With the right-hand button, you can start the timer for the task you are working on. Timely enables you to use your smartwatch to quickly open or start tasks, or to postpone them until tomorrow. What’s more, you can see at a glance what you have already done today and what jobs you still have to deal with.

Timely on Apple Watch works with the app for iPhone and the web-based software, with real-time synchronization between all versions.


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