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Hybrid cloud – Three key success factors

Published on 10/12/2018 in Solutions & services

Hybrid cloud – Three key success factors

Cisco is one of the industry leaders in hyper-converged solutions. The company offers Cisco Hyperflex, a data platform that enables multicloud IT to power any application. In a world where management of data has become increasingly important, it is vital for any company to make use of such a system - granted they have the right cloud partner.

  1. Start with the beginning

    Everyone has business problems that need solving, and everyone wants to solve them using hybrid cloud. Relying upon physical infrastructure alone no longer guarantees operational efficiency, instead companies put their trust in a mixture of inhouse infrastructure, public and private cloud environments. But enterprises may find that they have no control over their public cloud, or that they need to maintain separate islands of knowledge to manage each aspect of their data center.

    That is why you want to simplify and fully automate the process by bringing the cloud user experience back to the data center, focusing on the virtual machine as its basic construct. Combining HyperFlex systems with Proximus’ cloud expertise can give you complete control of your physical and virtual hyperconverged infrastructure.

  2. Involve your organization

    Seeming as HyperFlex eliminates silo mentality in favor of centralized management, it will likely affect all departments of your IT organization. Deploying workloads in data centers involves the networking, security and operational teams. Adding cloud capacity means informing a cloud architect or a compliance team as well. Therefore, it is better to communicate this hybrid cloud solution to your stakeholders from the very start.

  3. Keep your options open

    Cloud strategies change and technology advances and serverless computing are coming on fast. Avoid solutions that are cloud-specific and cannot be integrated into other clouds.

    HyperFlex offers future-proof architecture, which can adapt to more workloads and new cloud strategies.

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