Think Things 2017: the best of the digital transformation

Published on 04/12/2017 in News

Think Things 2017: the best of the digital transformation

At Think Things Belgian companies demonstrate the added value of technologies that use IoT in their sector of activity or for their business model. A moment of inspiration and vision under the gaze of participating ‘sensors’.

A richer customer experience

“Connect things, but especially people”: these are the words that confirm the intention of Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy upon opening the forum. The digital transformation is thrusting us into Industry 4.0, surrounded by countless opportunities, and it is calling upon Belgian entrepreneurs to embrace the technology. For its part, the operator aims to serve as a catalyst so as to be able to face up to the future.

“It’s not the technology itself that counts, but the way it is used. We need to speed up our own digital transformation in order to offer customers an increasingly rich experience,” declares the CEO. The tone is set: going forward without partners is no longer an option. It’s time for co-creation, an efficient ecosystem, the opening of technological platforms and the protection of private data.

Please (don’t) tag me

To put the words into practice, the members of the Proximus executive committee and experts were given a tag connected to an app that enabled participants to follow and locate them in real time as they wound their way through the events. An application illustrating the advantages of mixing technologies and people. “A good partner is one who is always there when you need them,” says Alex Lorette, VP Enterprise Solutions Telco at Proximus. “We develop end-to-end solutions by starting from the real needs of the customer and then choosing the most suitable technology for the solution sought. What counts for us: fast and efficient but above all secure digital transactions.”

In addition, Proximus has decided to focus more on 6 different areas where they believe IoT will have the greatest impact. For these industries, depending on the use case, they will work together with partners who have strong industry expertise to offer a total solution and be able to offer greater added value to the customers.

Industry in pole position

Seventy per cent of the companies operating in Belgium are SMEs, but 22% of the use made of IoT technologies is apparently in the industrial sector. “The real challenges of this sector are reducing machine downtime and operating costs and increasing efficiency for the benefit of staff security,” explains Katia Deboel, Lead Manager-M2M & IOT at Proximus.

And the situation is no different at the Proximus Outside infrastructure distribution center in Flawinne, where the challenge is to decentralize a huge stock of cables currently managed centrally. The system is optimized thanks to a sensor built into each coil. The immediate result is a clear fall in the number of lost items and stock in line with real demand, along with the management of damaged coils. QED.

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Benefits galore for the events sector

Imagine 350,000 visitors during a weekend, five different public places and over 100 participating companies in the catering industry - this is the setting of the Brussels Jazz Weekend, the biggest jazz festival in Europe. “Recording visitor numbers at a free festival like this is still a challenge when you don’t have entrance gates as you would at a traditional festival,” Steven Palmaers, co-organizer explains.

By combining several technologies, Proximus and the organizer succeeded in determining the number of visitors (in fact, people who stayed on the spot for at least 60 minutes), as well as fairly detailed profiles. “And we are still only at the beginning. We are aware of our social responsibility in terms of mobility, for example. From now on, the IoT will enable us to gather data efficiently to improve mobility for our thousands of visitors by using gamification as a guide,” says Steven.

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