Think Things 2017: co-creation, ecosystems and partnerships

Published on 04/12/2017 in News

Think Things 2017: co-creation, ecosystems and partnerships

The Think Things 2017 partners immerse visitors in a world where technology is at the service of areas such as health care (CISCO), order management (SAP) and customer experience (BISNODE).

Any device, anywhere

As the main partner of the day, Cisco provides practical proof of its aim to bring the patient closer to players in the healthcare sector and simplify cooperation within the medical profession in real time. The solution? Artificial intelligence and collaborative tools that combine the secure collection of medical data with the digitization of equipment and processes.

“Countless opportunities are opening up for hospitals all over the world, ranging from diagnostics to dossier management and real-time patient follow-up on any device,” explains Alexis Malchair, IoT and Digitization Lead at Cisco.

A customized approach

Communication and personalized advertising on the web, on television and soon in public spaces, too, are among the possibilities provided by mixing segmented data supplied by Bisnode, a pioneer in smart data and data analysis, and the Proximus systems. "Through the MyAnalytics portal, we have access to anonymous mobile data, which gives us insights into the points of interest.

This information is useful for advertisers to find out which locations are interesting for eg. opening a store, the performance of a store, etc.,” explains Lode Lauwers, Innovation Consultant at Bisnode. Once again, technological partnership can highlight the added value of co-creation.

Creating new business models

SAP uses a practical example to demonstrate the added value of the IoT in the very concrete context of automated goods supplies. The contents of a mini silo are used up under the surveillance of a sensor that measures the remaining volume and then sends the information to an application. Without any other intervention, the end user will know in real time when the critical restocking level will be reached.

“Just one example, but which proves that the IoT is the gateway to new business models. More generally, we aim to encourage companies to define decision-making processes in relation to the digital transformation,” explains Steven Nuyts, SAP Cloud Platform specialist at SAP.

And tomorrow?

The digital transformation is a path that it is best to embark upon with the right companions. “The number of IoT projects that prove successful is currently estimated at 26 %. So clearly, this is a complex subject that requires capable partners. This ensures that IoT & digitization projects are successful and really meet the business requirements,” explains Cisco’s Alexis Malchair. And the IoT naturally raises the issue of data protection. Everyone is talking about the GDPR.

“The General Data Protection Regulation is an opportunity for us.  As a trusted partner in the processing of personal data, we ensure that consumer data is managed correctly, both legally and operationally,” says Lode Lauwers of Bisnode. Machine learning, augmented reality artificial intelligence, etc. will also be very much part and parcel of the future. “I can’t help but place myself back at the time when the Internet first appeared and imagine the meteoric development that awaits us in terms of IoT technologies,” concludes Steven Nuyts of SAP.

“As with every development that is gaining pace, the time has come to think in terms of standardizing of systems and information flows. An essential condition for a sustainable ecosystem” Alexis Malchair - Cisco.

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