The right information always within reach

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The right information always within reach



The company doctors of Provikmo spend 80% of their time working on location with their clients. Thanks to a mobile data connection from Proximus, they can access the necessary medical files.

Provikmo is the prevention and protection service of the HR-services group ADMB. The company provides advice on safety, medical and psychosocial well-being for 430,000 employees within 34,000 organizations. In addition, each year Provikmo performs some 160,000 medical examinations at locations scattered throughout the entire country. “In the past that generated a huge amount of paper files, spread over province-based archives,” explains Geert De Cooman, general manager of Provikmo. “What’s more, every medical examination or inspection involved a great deal of manual work: looking up the file in the archives, getting it to the doctor at the right time, etc.”

Mobile access

Provikmo realized early on that managing files electronically would generate significant added value. “We were the first prevention service to launch digital medical files,” recounts Koen Van Loo, CIO at ADMB. “We developed the solution ourselves.” All the sites of the ADMB Group are connected via Belgacom Explore. If the medical examination is done at a Provikmo site, then the doctor can access the file via the fixed network. Koen Van Loo: “If the examination is performed on-site at the client’s location – or in the bus that we’ve equipped for medical examinations – then we use a mobile connection via Proximus.” The quality and the security of the mobile connections were extremely important for Provikmo. “Without a mobile connection, there is no information available about the client, because no data from the files is stored on the doctor’s mobile telephone,” continues Koen Van Loo. “In the start-up phase, Proximus assigned a quality manager who was able to give the necessary advice to ensure a good quality of mobile connections everywhere.”

Flexibility and efficiency

The system offers a great advantage for the 350 employees of Provikmo. “The doctor can receive someone for an examination even when it is basically an unscheduled visit,” notes Nicolas Van Kerschaver, financial and commercial director at Provikmo. “In the past, such an unplanned examination would not have been possible, because the doctor would not have access to the necessary paper file.” And for the Provikmo backoffice too, the use of the online file has considerably boosted efficiency. “In the past, the results of an examination would be recorded on paper,” continues Nicolas Van Kerschaver. “That meant a lot of manual input for billing and reporting.” Now, the service for clients is a lot faster. A certificate of examination is instantly available by e-mail.

Company profile

Every day, 1150 ADMB employees support the personnel policies of over 180,000 entrepreneurs and organizations. They can provide these clients with the right package of HR services at any time: from start-up to payroll administration, recruitment to prevention, child benefits to insurance and HR-advice. Provikmo, the group’s external prevention service advises 34,000 employers responsible for 430,000 employees in the area of well being in the workplace.

Business benefits
  • Flexible and efficient scheduling for medical examinations
  • Faster transfer of information for billing and reporting
  • Reduced processing in the backoffice
  • Fewer security risks: no data on the device, no circulation of paper files

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