The bridge between private and public

by One magazineSolutions16/11/2015

The bridge between private and public


The cloud has become a permanent feature for many businesses. But not every company wants to store its data there for security reasons. The alternative? The Secure Hybrid Cloud. Nicolas Viane, Head of Enterprise Cloud at Proximus, on the strengths of the hybrid cloud.

With Secure Hybrid Cloud, a company establishes a bridge between the applications that run on its own network (private cloud) and the applications in the public cloud. The company decides where to put which applications. Secure Hybrid Cloud has three advantages: you are assured of a totally secure, high-performance solution, the cost structure is transparent and you can work more flexibly with your IT resources, depending on your capacity,” says Nicolas Viane.

Using capacity flexibly
Thanks to the Secure Hybrid Cloud, capacity is always perfectly divided between the cloud and the company’s own infrastructure. If you need more capacity on a temporary basis, then you quite simply use more. It also provides a secure private connection between a company network and the cloud. It is the ideal solution if certain applications and data have to stay within the company environment for security reasons. Security, accessibility and bandwidth are central.

Secure mobile working
Hybrid cloud is becoming far more important as a concept because more and more companies are using applications on mobile devices. But this also means that data is taken out of the company’s own network and sent via the Internet. Secure Hybrid Cloud overcomes that. “Staff have to be able to work with accounting applications or CRM applications on the go or at home. Accessibility and security take priority; the company’s own network does not always offer these, but a private connection does,” Nicolas Viane explains. “We work entirely in line with the ISO 27001 standard and meet the most stringent information security requirements. We have end-to-end SLAs ensuring maximum connectivity and guaranteeing that the data in the cloud remains in Belgium. Our clients can reach us by telephone round the clock, with professional service in their own language.”

Cost savings
Proximus Secure Hybrid Cloud also enables you to divide capacity flexibly between your own network and the infrastructure in the cloud. “This scalability means that the costs are totally transparent. A fee is charged per user. If there are more users at peak times, you know in advance what the extra costs will be. What’s more, you always work with the latest versions, so you remain ahead technologically. There’s another advantage: you don’t have any investment costs and you’re up to speed immediately.”

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