Test-Achat: “Proximus has the best mobile network”

Published on 06/04/2021 in Tech, tips & tricks

Test-Achat: “Proximus has the best mobile network”

An independent survey by the consumer organization Test-Achat has shown that Proximus has the best mobile network in Belgium. For this study, over 10,000 samples were taken from the users of the app BeCover+.

BeCover+ is an app that Test-Achat uses to collect data about the network quality of the three Belgian operators. To this end, the organization cooperates with 4Gmark, a leading company specializing in this type of research. Anyone can participate by downloading the accompanying app for Android or iOSOpens a new window . The results from the last 12 months have been loaded into a handy, interactive mapOpens a new window . This map also makes it possible to immediately check which operator has the best performing network for each location.

Speed and coverage

Compared to the classic tests, BeCover+ gives a more realistic picture of both network coverage and, for example, mobile Internet speed. In fact, the app bases a full test on real user experience and gives a score for four key aspects:

  • the download speed
  • the upload speed
  • the time (in seconds) before a YouTube video starts playing
  • the average time (in seconds) for a webpage to load

This score is then compared to the average coverage in your neighborhood, based on other BeCover+ users. All these tests together determine the Test-Achats' final score for the three operators.

10,000 samples of the users of the app BeCover+ show that Proximus has the best mobile network in Belgium.

Highest up- and downloader speed

For Proximus, BeCover+ recorded an average download speed of 28.2 Mbps in 2020. The upload speed was 9.1 Mbps. What does that mean in concrete terms? Whether you just want to surf, check your e-mails or work on your smartphone while on the road, no other network offers better speeds or user comfort.

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