Tablet increases efficiency and productivity

Published on 24/02/2012 in Customer Stories

Tablet increases efficiency and productivity

The senior executives of the services group ADMB no longer receive the documentation for their biweekly meetings on paper. They now share the information in the cloud. Thanks to the tablet, they can access the most recent information anywhere, any time.

The senior executives and management at the HR services group ADMB are sharing the items on the agenda and documents for their biweekly meetings in the cloud. To access these documents, they are using tablets.

ADMB is a service provider group which offers expert advice and support to independent contractors and social profit organizations in various aspects of social legislation and personnel policy. The group’s divisions include payroll administrators, a child benefit fund, a Social Security fund for the self-employed, a recruitment and selection agency and an external service for prevention and protection. Altogether, this amounts to some 20 operational and supporting units. “Together, we make up a true group, a unified whole with a single vision,” explains managing director Philip Van Eeckhoute. A meeting is held every two weeks so that the implementing bureau can consult with the Management Committee. The implementing bureau is made up of a delegation of six managers who jointly represent the boards of directors of all the units within the group.


Practical problem

Up until recently, participants in these meetings would be sent a packet of documents a few days ahead of time with the items on the agenda and other information. “Any changes to the agenda in the following days would create a practical problem,” explains CIO Koen Van Loo. “Often there would be no time left to get the document to everyone ahead of time. The handouts were generally only provided during the meeting itself, which meant that the participants would not have the chance to examine them in advance.”


Into the cloud

ADMB decided to make the preparations for these meetings more efficient by providing the 10 board members from the implementing bureau and the Management Committee with Samsung Galaxy tablets. For the time being, the role of the Executive Secretary remains unchanged. She collects all of the documents for the upcoming meeting from the participants. However, instead of copying these documents and sending them around, she makes them available digitally on Dropbox, a solution for free storage space in the cloud. Via the tablet, the management and board members can access the meeting agenda and all the available documents: handouts, reports, recommendations from the research department,…


No more stacks of paper

“The advantage of this approach is that any adjustments to the agenda or the information can instantly be made available to everyone,” notes Philip Van Eeckhoute. “What’s more, we have direct access to the documents from the previous meeting as well. That means that we no longer have to arrive at the meeting carrying big stacks of paper.” Incidentally, the senior executives and board members don’t spend the whole meeting staring at their tablets, because there is a beamer in the conference room that projects the documents onto a large screen. The enthusiasm for the tablet has apparently spread like wildfire among the directors. “They are highly intuitive devices,” Van Loo observed. “Everyone was able to basically just start using them right away.”



Bit by bit, ADMB wants to start expanding the use of tablets. In the meantime, various members of the management would also like to use the device as a calendar and for sending e-mails. The advantages of the device for ADMB are clear. “Before introducing the tablet, we drew up a business case,” Van Loo explained. “Frankly, the use of tablets at the meetings of the implementing bureau in the Management Committee is not actually saving us very much money. The difference is not so much in the fact that we are using less paper, but in the increased flexibility and productivity – and in the time that we save as a result. And in the end, that is what it’s all about for us.”


Company profile

HR services group ADMB provides expert advice and support to companies, independent contractors and social profit organizations in various aspects of social legislation and personnel policy. The workforce of over 1,100 employees ensures professional support nationwide for HR management, personnel administration, insurance, and prevention and protection at work.


Business benefits
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater efficiency with up-to-date documentation in the cloud
  • Accessible via a tablet, regardless of location or time of day
  • Reduction in paper and postage costs


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