Reduced roaming rates for lower mobile phone bills

Published on 16/11/2016 in Solutions & services

Reduced roaming rates for lower mobile phone bills

In April, Proximus drastically slashed its roaming rates for calls in Europe. Another 40 countries are now being added where these reduced rates will apply. For people who call using a company mobile, there is an attractive new feature: a prepaid roaming option for when they are abroad.

Bill shock – no, it’s not a rock’n’roll singer from the 1950s. It’s a phenomenon where people choke on their coffee when they see their mobile phone bill after a stay abroad. It’s not a pleasant experience, admits Frédéric Van Robays, EBU Marketing Specialist Mobile Business at Proximus. “We want to do away with this bill shock,” he says. “People need to dare to use their mobiles on holiday without being afraid of running up bills. That’s why we reduced all our European roaming rates by 70% in April. Now we are extending the same rates to an extra 40 countries, including the US, Canada, Turkey, Morocco and Indonesia: the 72 top destinations, we call them. These are countries that over 80% of our customers travel to. The complete list is on our website, of course.”

Even better: a package deal

Despite the sharp drop in the rates and the increase in the number of countries where they apply, for most customers it is still more advantageous to activate an optional package before they go abroad, Van Robays stresses. “Take Travel Passport, for instance. For barely €12, you can call for 200 minutes, send 200 texts and use 200 MB of data in these 72 countries. That’s hardly anything at all, given the peace of mind you get. And for those who want more, then of course there are bigger packages, as well.”

Employees with a company mobile

Another major new feature that Proximus is introducing is Travel Passport Credit. “This option is intended especially for employees who are given a mobile phone by their employer,” Van Robays explains. “Very often, these mobiles are frozen abroad, because the employer doesn’t want to bear the costs. But that means the employee cannot use his device when he is on holiday.” To resolve this imbalance, employers can set up a prepaid account for their employees for private use abroad. Van Robays: “It can just be done on MyProximus. Via this account, the employee can put a certain amount on the phone using his credit card or via PayPal. This amount can be used as a roaming budget. Only the employer, himself, can give permission for activation of the roaming prepaid account.”

Business benefits
  • Sharply reduced roaming rates
  • Valid in 72 countries worldwide
  • Roaming costs in prepaid formula or packages
  • Use of company mobile phone abroad at own expense
More info?

Contact your account manager or go to www.proximus.be/dataroaming 


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