No increase in cyber attacks thanks to CSIRS

Published on 14/11/2016 in Solutions & services

No increase in cyber attacks thanks to CSIRS

Over the past 12 months, between 74% and 90% of organizations have had to deal with data security problems. With the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the impact will be even greater. Companies can then be punished if they fail to comply with certain rules or, even worse, they may be hacked.

Proximus has been investing for years in the development of all the knowledge and resources needed to cope with the growing cyber threat. This recently resulted in a range of Cyber Security Incident Response Services (CSIRS).

Make sure your company is prepared for a cyber attack. 

Via CSIRS of Proximus, you gain access to the extensive and up-to-date expertise of a whole team of security specialists. The services cover three aspects: cyber security incident response readiness, breach investigation and network traffic forensics.

Detecting incidents

Is your organization prepared to detect, analyze and mitigate a security incident? The Proximus Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) helps you check whether you have the necessary people, processes and technologies. This can reduce the response time, costs and impact of incidents. In addition, Proximus advises you on how to collect and store data on incidents.

Analyzing incidents

If your company is the victim of a cyber attack, the CSIRT is on standby 24/7 to deal with the problem and limit the damage on site or from a distance. They track down the problem, determine the priorities, collect data to be able to analyze the incident afterwards and help you resolve the situation. The team of experienced analysts and security specialists is up to date with the security aspects of networks and systems and with malware analysis.

Checking security

Many organizations suspect or fear that they are the target of a cyber attack, but they do not always have the possibility of checking whether or not there is actually a leak in their data protection. The Proximus Network Traffic Forensics service helps you to detect suspected and possible malicious events. Only when you know what is going on you can take the appropriate measures.

Close cooperation

The CSIRT works closely with the Proximus CSOC (Cyber Security Operation Center). This provides additional advantages for customers of the Managed Security Services: a Proximus MSS customer can easily ask the CSIRT to investigate an incident detected by the CSOC.

Business benefits
  • Access to extensive, up-to-date expertise
  • Helps you fulfill the 72-hour duty of notification of data leaks required by the European GDPR
  • Back in business fast after an incident
  • Take steps to prevent a recurrence
More info?

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