6 companies that became more digitally productive

Published on 15/05/2018 in Customer Stories

6 companies that became more digitally productive

A good digital workspace makes your business more productive, more mobile and better connected. These 6 businesses chose for a digital transformation and immediately enjoyed the benefits. Watch their story here.


Real-time access to data

Carpal: a more productive company thanks to real-time data access

Proximus ICT Expert Vandenabeele helped Carpal transform digitally. With planning and stock levels stored in the cloud, updates now happen in real time. This is great for both the business and the customer.


A more efficient business thanks to the cloud

Anker18: a more efficient business with the right data storage

Real-estate agency Anker 18 chose to digitalise their workspace. They swapped their physical server for SME in the cloud by Proximus. The benefits? No risk of losing their data, mobile access to data and lower IT costs.


Digital mobility optimisation

CEPA: how better mobility transforms the work space

CEPA, a company that deals with employment in the Antwerp harbour, communicates with 4800 workers daily. With their new app, MyCepa, the Antwerp harbour is now an efficient, digital workplace.


Digital work processes give more mobililty

PrimaMundo: digital solutions for improved mobility

PrimaMundo, a distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables, invested in mobile dispatching for their trucks. This was such a big success that they continue to build their digital work environment. The result? Happy co-workers and clients.


Digitally optimise internal communication

Konvert: digital optimisation of internal communication

The temporary employment agency Konvert has 85 agencies that report directly to the head office. By optimising their internal communication, Konvert created a digital working environment that is improving teamwork.


New digital communication infrastructure

Navitrans: new digital communication infrastructure

Navitrans develops software for logistics companies. In order to continue to work cost-efficiently and offer a “Digital workplace” to the employees, they decided to equip the new head office with a digital communication infrastructure.

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