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Published on 19/06/2015 in Customer Stories

Sharing is caring

The staff at ING Belgium share mobile data bundles for their smartphones and tablets, both at home and abroad. This approach has simplified fleet management and makes for efficient cost control.

For many ING employees, mobility is essential as they have clients and partners to visit, various branches to call at, etc. When it comes to mobile telephony, bring your own device is now the rule at ING. Staff use their own mobile devices while ING takes care of connectivity. Some 7,500 mobile num- bers are being used by the roughly 8,800 strong workforce at ING Belgium alone. Smartphones make up 70% of the fl eet. “Mobile access to e-mail and internet is a must for quite a number of profi les,” says Erik Hemeleers, Head of Service Management Workplace Services at ING Belgium. “In practice, it would not be practicable to check the data usage of every member of staff individually and to adjust it where necessary.”

Data usage balances out
For that reason, ING Belgium opted for a shared solution. In concrete terms, we are talking about a mobile data bundle of 2,000 GB for national use. “The major advantage of this approach is that we can manage data usage at fleet level,” Hemeleers explained. “People using mobile e-mail, Internet or apps are allocated the necessary volume from the bundle.” ING Belgium bases these data allowances on an average data usage. Considered individually, not every employee’s usage is in line with that average but, in practice, the bundle seems to cover the requirements of the group as a whole. “It stands to reason that some people will use larger volumes than others. If you allocate a specifi c data volume to every member of staff indi- vidually, chances are that some people will run out while others will never use up their quota. If you opt for a bundle, however, heavy and light users balance each other out.” Even then, ING Belgium can still monitor individual usage. “Monthly reporting means that exces- sive data usage does not go unnoticed and that we can still take action, where necessary.”

Abroad too
ING Belgium also has some 500 active roaming users amongst its staff . These are people who travel abroad on a regu- lar basis, be it for business or in a private capacity. For these users, ING Belgium has organized a shared roaming bundle of 40 GB. “Here too, the same principle applies,” said Hemeleers. “Access to the bundle will depend on the employee’s position. Some profiles spend a considerable amount of time abroad and need to be contactable by e-mail and have access to certain apps.” Via the bundle, ING can off er them that easy access. At the same time, roaming charges are kept under tight control while ING keeps the management of the access to roaming very simple. “In these cases too, matters would be a whole lot more complicated if we were to allocate a separate roaming volume to every member of staff individually. Not only does a bundle give us a clear and predictable picture of the costs, but it also allows us to manage these costs at fleet level in a straightforward manner.” 

Business benefits

• Straightforward and effi cient cost control
• Straightforward management at fleet level
• No need to allocate personal data volumes: heavy users and sporadic users balance each other out

About ING

Belgium ING Belgium NV off ers a wide range of financial products and services to all customer segments via the distribution channel of their choice. ING Belgium NV is a subsidiary of ING Bank NV which serves 33 million private, business and institutional clients in more than 40 countries across the world.

Erik Hemeleers is an industrial electronics engineer (telecom- munications). After nine years in the pharmaceutical sec- tor, Erik Hemeleers moved to ING in 1998. He heads up the Service Management Workplace Services Team.


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